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When is mating season for hamsters?

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The mating season for female hamsters comes in about every 4-5 days.

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What is an hamsters mating season?

their aren't mating seasons, but there are gestation periods depending on the breed of hamster.

When is mating seson for hamsters?

Breeding season is from April to October in the northern hemisphere.

When is groundhog mating season?

gophers mating season

When is mating season for deer?

mating season is in the fall.

When is jaguars mating season?

Jaguars mating season is in Spring.

Can hamsters give birth without mating?


Do hamsters fight if they mate?

Yes hamsters may fight when mating. So be prepared to separate them when they are mating. Put them back together when they have calmed down.

When is mating season for fish?

It is mating season for fish when it is really hot and dry.

When is giraffe mating season?

Giraffes have no mating season. They mate year-round.

When is the Mating season for skunks?

the mating season for the striped skunk is in february and march :)

When is mating season for jellyfish?

The mating season for a jellyfish is around mid-April.

Can hamsters get pregnant without mating?

Yes Yes

Do female hamsters bleed after mating with a male hamster?


Can two female hamsters mate?

NO, of course NOT, even the hamsters need a male partner for mating.

About how old do hamsters start mating?

They start mating at three weeks, though it's best for them to start mating at about two months.

When is mating season for seals?

On June 25th, the official mating season for seals begins. On October 23rd, the official mating season for seals ends for the year.

How long is mating season for Cardinals?

its mating season is only about one month(January).

When is the mating season of a lion?

the mating season at the winter cause the food not little at winter

What is the duration of The Mating Season film?

The duration of The Mating Season - film - is 1.68 hours.

Do hamsters bite each other while mating?

After mating they might attack sometimes even to death.

When is the Mating Season for Sharks?

Mating season is in early summer in the northwest Atlantic Ocean and southwest.

When is a giant panda's mating season?

The mating season takes place between March and May

What is a road runners mating season?

Road Runner mating season is spring to mid-summer.

When was The Mating Season - film - created?

The Mating Season - film - was created in 1951.

Who takes baths in sand while mating?

hamsters eat hamburgers whilst also taking a bath and mating