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When is the Nintendo event for Pokemon diamond?


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where is the Nintendo event

It is only given out by Wi-fi and possibly download stations. When you go to a sponsoring store and download a Pokemon or item. (EX: In November 2008 there was a Dragonite giveaway).



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wait for a Nintendo event and go to one!!!!!!!

You get it by going to a Nintendo Event.

You have to use ation replay to get events.

You can only get Darkraii from a Nintendo Event. Unfortunately this event has already passed :(.

You have to go to a certain Nintendo event to get one.

You must get an Azure Flute from a Nintendo Event.

go to a Nintendo ds event cow

1.Cheating 2.(Unreleased) Nintendo Event

you need oak's letter from Nintendo event [which already past]

No, the only way is to attend a Nintendo event.

You can get a membership pass by Nintendo event or mystery gift

Check Pokemon.com i know you can get Deoxsis at an event go to Pokemon.com for more info!

mesprit,uxie,azelf,dialga,rotom only in Pokemon diamond you get cresselia and darkrai from a Nintendo event dratini,dragonair,dragonite is not a legendary giratina you can only get it in platinum

The next Pokemon diamond/pearl event is the event of Darkrai, and it will be released sometime after the movie "The rise of Darkrai" premiers on CartoonNetwork on Feb.24th.when though i wanna know

The only other way to get a Mew in Pokemon Diamond is through a Nintendo Event or a Trade with someone who has one.

That Pokemon is Shaymin,which is only avadible through cheating or hacking,or a Nintendo Event.

The Member Pass was a Nintendo event released in 2009 and unobtainable legitimately at the moment. This event was for Pokemon Platinum, however and seemingly not have been available for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Its about 500 feet above the spear piller you need Nintendo event

you get it through Nintendo event or mystery gift on Pokemon pearl platinum or diamond

you can only get if you buy action replay DS or Nintendo event

You can only get the Azure Flute from a Nintendo Event or with Action Replay.

go to a Nintendo event get game shark and key in 1233254698561365478778951001

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