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When it is at the 10% bloom stage. Any later and you will loose quality prior to gathering it up for hay.

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Q: When is the best time to cut alfalfa for beef cattle?
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When to slater beef cattle?

You usually slaughter beef cattle around the age of one year, at this time they have the ideal amount of conditioning (beef).

Is a ox pork or beef?

Beef is the meat taken from cattle. An ox is a bovine that has been trained to work or be a draft animal. Beef can (and often does) come from oxen that have worn out their time under the yoke.

Would a hectare of land for beef cattle feed the same number of people as a hectare of wheat?

No. Grazing land for cattle needs much more space than does grain production for the same caloric benefit.

Why was cattle important?

They were the only type of cattle available in the 1800's that could be raised and used for beef production in the United States, particularly in the western territories. They were tough, durable, and could be raised with minimal to no human management or interference. At the time, they were the only and best cattle that could be raised in the rough and tough conditions of the Southwestern portion of the USA.

Are Brown Swiss cattle good for beef?

For the small-time producer, yes, but as a conventional beef animal, no definitely not. Brown Swiss are bred to be dairy cattle, or to produce milk, not to produce beef. However, that's not to say that they cannot be raised as beefers: Brown Swiss steers tend to fatten up and finish better than Jerseys, for one, and even Holsteins. But they're still dairy cattle regardless.

When is the best time to plant alfalfa?

mid-September to early October or late April to early may.

What best describes a cattle tick?

he best time to identify the cattle tick is when it is at the adult stage. ... to a stage where there are great numbers in autumn and early winter the following year.

How did the cattle boom change the life in the west?

Many smaller towns prospered because of the cattle boom, because it brought the cattle herders and cowboys to town. When the cattle drive was finished, the cowboys were anxious to spend their money.

What is a cow calf producer?

A person (be it a man or woman) who raises commercial cattle (cows and bulls) to produce calves. The calves are sold at weaning time to be prepared and marketed for beef.

Why was Longhorn Cattle used during the cattle kingdom?

These were the first breed of cattle to ever come to the Americas, long before Herefords or any other breed arrived to the US. Longhorns were the feral descendents to the Spanish cattle that arrived with Christopher Columbus when he came to America in the late 13th century. Because these cattle had over 300 years to populate the lower part of the United States and because they were the only source of beef available at the time, they were the only cattle that were used during the "Cattle Kingdom."

How old should the bull calf be before you put a ring on the testicles?

There is a bit of debate among cattle producers when the best time to band bull calves. Some prefer to do it when the calf's less than a couple weeks old, others prefer to band at weaning to take advantage of the extra growth that they get if they leave the calves intact until weaning time. This can be for either dairy or beef calves. So it's up to you when the best time is best.

When is the best time to deworm cattle?

It is recommended that you deworm at least once a year, usually farmers will deworm before and after cattle are turned out to pasture.