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Both. it depends what defect you are talking about. Please be more specific.

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Q: When is the birth defect detected before birth after birth?
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Can color blindness be detected before birth?

Ok, so no it cant but it is a before birth defect.

How is Huntington's Disease detected before birth?

in the defect of the child's heart rates and movements in the womb. in the defect of the child's heart rates and movements in the womb.

Can hemophilia be detected in the child before birth?

yes hemophilia can be detected before birth

Can birth defects be detected and treated before birth?

Some can be detected but not treated.

Are all birth defects recognisable at birth?

Not all birth defects are detected at birth, such as, for instance, Spina Bifida Occulta, a mild form of Spina Bifida which is often not detected until the person has an X-ray or other test that reveals the presence of the defect. But even that canbe detected at birth, if the child were to undergo such an X-ray or other test at that time. I know a person who was unaware that he had Spina Bifida Occulta until he had a spinal X-ray at the age of 65. Another common birth defect that sometimes is not detected at birth is a heart defect that causes a heart murmur, which may be detected later by a careful doctor while listening to the person's heart.

If an underdeveloped nose is detected at the seventeen week scan does this mean definite birth abnormality or defect?

Not neccessarily.

Can Trisomy 18 be detected?

Trisomy 18 can be detected before birth

Can Marfan Syndrome be detected before birth?

There are no tests that can be done or can be diagnosed before birth.

Can leigh's disease be detected before birth?

Yes it can

Is fragile x syndrome able to be detected before birth?


Can fetal alcohol syndrome be detected before birth?


Is Down Syndrome a birth defect?

no it's not a birth's a disease caught way before birth..Down syndrome is when a person has 1 more chromosome than normal people.

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