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The interchange is currently opened now. The projest as a whole (the 5 mile stretch along 60/215 to the east interchange in riverside) is still under construction. Both flyovers and the 4 cloverleaf ramps are open. The cloverleaf ramps remain open until drivers get used to the changes & flyovers being open.

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How do you spell dedlinse?

DEADLINES - the scheduled completion times for applications or activities

When will the construction of the International Space Station be completed?

scheduled for completion by mid-2012

When did construction of the International Space Station begin?

Construction of the ISS originally began in November of 1998, with completion originally scheduled for 2003. Obviously, this is not true, with a heavily modified schedule putting completion now at 2011.

What is the singular possessive form to development?

The possessive form of the singular noun 'development' is development's.Example: The development's completion is expected to be as scheduled.

Is apomorphine a controlled substance of what schedule?

Depends on where you're located. Federally, it is not scheduled but in California it is a CII. Actually, as of July 2010, apomorphine is no longer a scheduled or controlled substance in California, per Assembly Bill 1414.

Speeding ticket in riverside county?

The scheduled fine for 1-15 mph is $234. You would pay close to that if you were written up for going 80. Writing you up for 81 puts you in the next tier, 16-25 over, and the scheduled fine for that is $360.

What is the next date of a Cancer Walk in Los Angeles California?

There are no cancer walks currently scheduled for Los Angeles, California. There is one on September 7-8 in Santa Barbara and another scheduled September 28-29 in San Francisco.

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"Evol Intent does not have any scheduled concerts in Utah for the next couple of months. They will be appearing in Washington, Texas, California, and Kentucky."

What is scheduled completion date of Highway 840 in Tennessee from I-65 South to I40 West?

2011 is the best answer I've found.

What state has the most area codes?

Texas has 24, but California has 30, with the 31st scheduled for Nov. 20, 2012.

When is WrestleMania 31?

It is scheduled to take place on March 29, 2015, at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

When was the Crazy Horse Memorial built?

Construction began in 1948 and no completion date has been scheduled. Another generation will be involved and several more decades will pass before the task is finished.

Are the Jonas Brothers at Disneyland California?

No, they aren't there at the moment. As of July 26th, 2008, they are at or on their way to Hartford, Connecticut. They actually have no concerts scheduled in California, at the moment, but they will most likely add more.

What year did the construction begain on the iss?

The iss (International Space Station) construction began in 1998 and is scheduled for completion in 2011. Many other fascinating scientific experiments and projects can be found at

Who is Saint Sierra?

There is no saint named Sierra. There is Blessed Juniper Serra, however. He was a missionary to California. He is scheduled to be canonized in September of 2015.

What state has more than two dozen telephone area codes?

California has 31, with #32 scheduled for 2015. Texas has 26.

Why is Flynn Rider leaving Disney World?

Flynn rider is leaving disney world because he is scheduled to go to disneyland which Is Anaheim California sooo boo hoo for you because I live close to California !

Is emirates airlines a charter or scheduled airline?


Where was Hindenburg scheduled to fly?

He was scheduled to fly in Australia

Is ryanair airlines a charter or scheduled airline?


What is the correct spelling of Scheduled caste?

Scheduled Caste.

What are features of scheduled banks?

what are the feartures of scheduled banks

What is the meaning behind the letter and numbers of 51-D?

The "5" means that the flight was originally scheduled to fly in 1985. The "1" means that the shuttle would launch from Florida, versus California (which would be two). The "d" means that this was the fourth flight scheduled for that year.

Which is proper grammar Convene a scheduled meeting or Convene at a scheduled meeting?

You would say "convene a scheduled meeting"

Where are all the Disney Worlds in the world?

There are Disney theme parks in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. The next is scheduled to open in Shanghai in 2016.