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When your not having intercourse or when u are using a contraceptive

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Q: When is the less chance to be pregnant?
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Is there a time of the month that there is a less chance of falling pregnant?


Is there a less chance to get pregnant standing up?

To cannot get pregnant standing up

Is there a chance of getting pregnant at 59?

The chance of this is less than 1 in one billion.

Is there a less chance of you getting pregnant being on top?

No, not at all.

Can a woman get pregnant when on her period?

Yes but it is a less chance than usual.

Can you get pregnant being on your last active pill?

There is a less than 1% chance.

Can girls only get pregnant before and after your period?

No. You have more chance to get pregnant during the week before your period. In another hand, you have less chance to get pregnant during the week after your period. You chance of getting pregnent will be greater as you get closer to the day you start your period.

Is the chance of being pregnant is less when the sperm get out of the vagina quickly?

No there should not be any difference.

What is the liklihood of getting pregnant if the guy pulls out like percent wise?

There is no percentage. If he did not use a condom them there is a chance you could get pregnant. Even if he did use one there is a chance. There is always a chance. Since he pulled out there is less of a chance than if he came inside of you, but there is still sperm in the precum, so you could get pregnant from that. There is no percentage...

Im usually irregular what are your chance of getting pregnant?

That should not affect your chancces of getting pregnant, unless you get less periods per year than is normal, because then you ovulate less often.With no birth control method used, you have about an 85% chance of getting pregnant within one year.

What is the chance of getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate fluid?

Less then 10% that is if it happens ten times you wil probably get pregnant. use a condom.

Will i still get pregnant if i have a polycystic left ovary and a normal right ovary?

there is less chance but it is still possible

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