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They are combining all three books into one movie.The producers say it will come out around 2010.

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Is the movie Maximum Ride the angel experiment already out?

No it's coming out in 2013

Has the movie for Maximum Ride The Angel experiment come out yet?

No it has not, and unfortunately IMDB says it will not be coming out until 2013 :(.

Will there be a movie for each book in the series Maximum Ride?

yes. there should be. The first movie angel experiment is coming out 2013, the rest are to follow. maximum ride girl ----------------------------------------------------

What is the name of the first movie of Maximum Ride?

The Angel Experiment.

When will Maximum Ride the angel experiment movie come out?

According to not until 2012. They say that it not coming till 2013.sorry.

What audition information is there for the first Maximum Ride movie 'The Angel Experiment'?

Where can you get a copy of Maximum Ride Angel Experiment Movie?

You can't. The movie hasn't come out yet.

Who is going to play angel in the Maximum Ride movie that coming out in 2013?

there is still no cast.

What will the Maximum Ride movie 1 be about?

I'm 99.99999999% sure it will be about the first book in the Maximum Ride series (the Angel Experiment).!!! :D -Madip0899

Is there an official Maximum Ride the angel experiment the movie trailer yet?

Not yet but they are going to make a movie in like two years.

Will the Maximum Ride movie be called the fugitives?

I think it's The Angel Experiment, but I guess you'll find out in 2013.

Has the cast for Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment the movie been decided yet?

not quite yet. and you are right, it IS taking FOREVER.

When is the Maximum Ride the angel experiment coming out?

The Maximum Ride Series is already out up to #5. #6, "The Sky is Falling" is supposed to be coming out in 2010. So is the movie. It's being directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the woman who directed "Twilight" I think that Max should be played by Alison Stoner. Fang, Gazzy, and Nudge i don't know. Iggy: Jake T. Austen. Angel: idk So anyways the movie coming out roughly in 2010. Hopefully sooner. may 21st i think

Will their be a Maximum Ride movie?

the first movie "angel experiment" will be released next year (2011.) next year the last book of the series 'angel" will also be released in the early months of the year. XoX Maximum Ride Girl ----------------------------------------------------------- the answer above is completely wrong, it comes out Summer 2013

Who is rumored to be playing angel in the Maximum Ride movie?

It is rumored that Elle Fanning will play Angel in the new upcoming Maximum Ride movie.

When is Maximum Ride the angel experiment movie coming out?

This fall. But I just watched the trailer and I don't know wut other people will think but I think it'll be bad. And I'm pretty sure its this fall. I'll reply again later....

When does Fang A Maximum Ride series come out?

March 15, 2010. Should be about the same time as the movie. (Different Person: Never heard about a movie! Although I might have if they are talking about The Angel Experiment movie)

Is the Maximum Ride movie coming out in 2012?

No, but it is rumoured that the movie is coming out in 2013.

When does Maximum Ride the Movie come out?

I heard the date was changed from 2010 to May 1st of 2013.(My birthday.)The first movie is going to either be"The Angel Experiment" or "Saving the world and other extreme sports."

Who the actors and actresses are going to be for the new Maximum Ride movie?

Miley Cyrus as Maxium Ride. Robert Patterison as Fang. Jake Abel as Angel. Since the movie is rumored to be coming out in 2013, no one is absolutely sure of who's playing who in the Maximum Ride Movie.

What is the latest movie coming out?

Maximum ride will be the new twilight just wait and see cuz maximum ride is the newest movie coming out in about a month.

How and why is the setting of Maximum Ride the angel experiment important?

well, as like in any movie setting is like so important. what if a movie about space happend under water? the setting for maximum ride the angel expirement will probably be arizona, colorado, and nevada- the 3 places the book takes place in. (or just any old desertish place) hope this helped!!

When is the Maximum Ride movie coming out for real?


What is the Maximum Ride movie going to be about?

It's about a 'flock' of six kids who run away from a lab called "the school". The kids have wings and can fly. They're 2% avian (bird) and 98% human. Max is the leader, and shes totally awesome. the book series is as follows: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Maximum Ride: Schools Out -- Forever Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports Maximum Ride: The Final Warning Maximum Ride: MAX Maximum Ride : FANG Maximum Ride : ANGEL

What month is the Maximum Ride movie coming out?