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the new season is out now in Japan and can be watched subbed on Hulu, inuyasha fans rejoice :)

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Whatever happened to the the fifth season of Inuyasha when is it coming out?

it is out

When will inuyasha black tessaiga be shown?

I heard that it will be shown in the new season coming out in September, 2009. Along with a new movie coming out in the same month. It should be the eighth season premiere but if not it should come on sometime in that season.

Is inuyasha season 8 coming soon?

i heard its coming out in September 2009

Is there going to be a inuyasha movie 5?

Maybe right along with the new inuyasha season

Are any new episodes of Inuyasha coming out in 2012?

No there is not

How did you know there is a new inuyasha season in September?

I didn't.

When will the new season of inuyasha come out?

It already came out.

Is there going to be a new season of inuyasha?

no there isn't really going to be a new season of inuyasha but the producers of it is trying to make i think the 5th inuyasha movie. if you want to see the 1st, 2nd and 3rd you should go on

Is the inu yasha season 8 going to be in English and going to be on-line in north America?

I heard that on Sat. October 3rd 2009 the new season of inuyasha is airing and in 8 months (june 2010) it will be coming out in english! i can't wait! I <3 InuYasha! woot woot from: THE ULTIMATE INUYASHA FAN!!!!

What date specifically is Inuyasha season 8 scheduled to start airing?

i am not yet imma trying to find out but i do know that the new eps of inuyasha r coming out in September of 2009 yay hopefully its true with what they say :)

What is the second season of Inuyasha ccalled?

The second season of inuyasha is called Inuyasha: The final acts.

What is the last season of inuyasha they made in 2009?

Inuyasha the Final Act is the newest season of inuyasha.

Is their going to be new season of inuynasha?

There's four season of Inuyasha, and it had already ended.

When did a new season of inuyasha come out?

The new season came out in 2011. They have not yet made an English version yet

When will season 8 of Inuyasha be released on DVD?

There is no InuYasha season 8, it only goes up to season 7. And after season 7, they have InuYasha The Final Act!

When will Inuyasha new season come out in september2009?

It wont come out thay stoped makeing the show there will be a new season of Inuyasha. You can see more here

Are any new episodes of Inuyasha coming out in 2014?

new inu yasha 2014

Will the new season of inuyasha have an ending?

There is more episode you can find them at

When does the new season of inuyasha start?

In Japan, 2010. In America, 2012.

Will there be a new season of Inuyasha in 2008?

Yeah. There will be next year in september.

Is there really an Inuyasha movie 5 coming in 2009?

I think so and i read that the new season are coming out on setpermber 2009. no is not is to late!!!!!:} the fifth movie is eather in 3 parts or there are 8 movies alltogether idk

When are new episodes of inuyasha coming?

dont listen to this moran yes they are making new episode's!

Inuyasha new episodes this year?

don't worry inuyasha the new series will be coming back in September 2009 in this series kagome and inuyasha will be married and have kids together and forget about stupid kikyo!!!:)cant wait!

Are new episodes of inuyasha coming out in 2009? there will be new inuyasha episodes being aired in the states.

How many episodes are in Inuyasha season 2?

Season 2 of "Inuyasha" has 26 episodes .