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Q: When is the proper time of the day to feed your lovebird?
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How many time a day do you feed a pit bull?

Twice a day. If you feed it at 7 am feed it at 7 pm.

3 time a day?

3 time a day per a day do not feed them to much

How often should you feed my tortoise?

At least once a day, with a proper amount of water. Just make sure you feed them the right food and amount. During the summer, I feed them twice a day.

Does a vulture feed at day or night?

Day time, primarily.

How many times does horses have to feed in one day?

well you feed your horse 1 time a day

How often do you feed your hamster?

The best time to feed your hamster is 3x a day. :)

how much shounld i feed my dog?

you should feed it 2 time a day

Do mother lovebird still feed their baby after removing the baby bird for one day and put them back to their mother?

Mother lovebirds may or may not feed a baby that is returned after a day. Parrots are intelligent creatures, but there is no way to determine if she will accept the baby back. It's best to leave them with her.

How many times should I feed my cat a day?

I feed my cat one time per day in the morning

How much should i feed a day daily?

3 time a day

What time of day do you feed female betta fish?

It does not matter what time you feed your Betta fish as long as you don't feed it in complete darkness.

What time of day do you feed a bearded dragon?

Just about any time of day but not during its sleeping hours. Try to keep the same time every day and feed it as much as it will eat in about 15 minutes.

3 a day?

3 time a day per a day do not feed them to much

Feed a man a fish you feed him for a day?

Feed a man a fish and it'l last a damn long time.

What can you feed your Guinea Pig?

any time of the day, but only once a day

How many time a day do the baiji feed?

They eat 6 meals a day.

How long does it take for a lovebird to lay a egg?

it takes up to 1 day

How many time a day should you feed a fish?

You should feed a fish 2 to 3 times a day depending on its size

How many time a day feed dogs?

you shuld only have to feed any pet two times a day morning and night

What is the proper amount of hay to feed a goat each day?

All it wants. Hay should be available 24/7. If you have a pasture, that's OK, too, but if not, all the time.

#" How should i feed my dog in the day time"?

let he it chidren

How may time dose a hamster it eat a day?

you are supposed to feed it twice a day. :->

How many time should you feed and water parakeets?

you should feed and water it at lest twice a day.

What type of bird symbolizes Valentine's Day?

The lovebird and the dove.Usually a dove symbolizes Valentine's Day as it symbolizes love.

When to feed your betta fish?

you should feed it 1 time a day. but don't feed it any more than it will eat in 30 seconds.