When is tornado season?

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It actually varies with region, with the deep south and down toward Florida getting their season in late winter/early Spring, while the upper Midwest has their tornado season during the Spring and Summer. Tornadoes are most common in general from the months of April through June, which corresponds to tornado season in much of tornado alley through the Ohio River Valley.

However, tornadoes can (and have) occurred any day of the year.

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Q: When is tornado season?
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Related questions

Is there a tornado season?

Yes. Tornado season typically occurs in the spring.

When is tornado season in Pennsylvania?

Tornado season in Pennsylvania is usually in June.

When is the Kansas tornado season?

Tornado Season in Kansas is April through June.

When is tornado season in Texas?

The tornado season in Texas is between march and June.

Is summer a tornado season?

Tornadoes can happen in any season, but tornado season is generally considered to be in the spring.

When is tornado season in the northern hemisphere?

tornado season usually happens from April to June.

When is the start of tornado season and the end of the season?

Unlike hurricane season there are not official limits to tornado season. However, generally tornado season lasts from lat march though June. However significant tornado outbreaks can occur at almost any time of year.

Where are you most likely to find a storm chaser?

They will most likely be found in tornado alley near a tornado during tornado season When it's not tornado season they can be found worldwide.

When is the main tornado season in the central US?

April through June is generally considered tornado season.

When is peak tornado season in North Carolina?

Tornado season for North Carolina peaks in April and May.

What is the tornado season in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean doesn't have a tornado season. It does however, have a hurricane season which runs from June 1 through November 30.

Have any super outbreaks happened outside of tornado season?

No. While significant tornado outbreaks have occurred outside of tornado season, there have only been two recorded: one in April of 1974 and one in April of 2011. April is in tornado season.

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