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8 years of school?

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If I didn't do so well during freshmen and sophomore year but receive a 90 or above average for junior year will the good colleges even look more into me

How many college credit as an undergraduate to obtain a bacherlor

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Q: When is warwick vets high school graduation day?
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Requirements for vets?

you got to go to college and high school to be a vet

Did veterinarians have to go to high school and college in order to be one?

Vets must go to high school, college, and receive a degree from a School of Veterinary Medicine after completing their undergraduate degree.

How many high schools are in high school?

Mchi, memorial, sharyland h.s, mission vets, misson eagles, nikki rowe.

What are facts about vets?

They have to have more than a high school diploma, have to take a special vet curse in collage.

How long do veterinarians study?

Most veterinarians have a bachelors degree before being accepted to Vet Med school. Most US colleges of vet med are 4 to 5 years of study. Some vets will specialize in certain areas of study and this will add 1-2 years after receiving their DVM degree. So all total most vets spend 8 to 12 years of study after high school graduation.

Do vets go to medical school?


What educational do you need to become a veternary assistants?

you will need to finish high school and do some courses in college if that is possible for you, but most vets will train as you go.

Where is a puppy pre-school in Toowoomba?

Try asking vets for information about were they are.

Can kids be vets?

No, because you have to finish school to be get a job. You have to be 15 and older to get it.

What are vets most important school subjects?

Sciences including Biology and chemistry

How many years do veterinarians have to go to school?

Vets typically attend 4 years of undergraduate school and 2 years of vet school

What do equine vets learn?

Vets must go through 3 to 5 years of vet school after a 4 year college. If they special you can add another 1 to 2 years. Vet school is tough but the rewards are endless.

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