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Q: When is winter break for Ohio state?
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Which state gets fewer days of sunshine in the winter Florida or Ohio?


When do hummingbirds fly south from the state of Ohio?

i think in the winter?

What are the 4 seasons in the state of Ohio?

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are the four seasons found in Ohio.

Do you capitalize winter break?

Winter break can be capitalized, or lower case. If, on a calendar, you are writing winter break, then you would put "Winter Break". On anything else, it could be "winter break", "Winter break", or "Winter Break".

When does Ohio state university's winter quarter 2011 end?

11 March 2011

In the state of Ohio do you have to take a lunch break?

Ohio law states that they must give employees under the agar of 18 a 30 consecutive minute break for hours worked over 5 hours. in the state of Ohio employers do not have to give breaks of any kind to any one 18 and over.

What is Ohio state law for breaks?

I hope this link will answer your question.

What state can rabbits?

Nebraska, Missouri, and Ohio all year. Kansas and Mississippi in the winter months only.

When is the winter break in football?

There is no winter break in football.

Which state in the united states is high in the middle and round at the end?

Give me a break.....ohio....what dumb question

How many hours is winter break?

336 hours are in a winter break.

When is school break in Ohio?

Technically winter break begins on Monday December 13th and it ends on December 31st since classes for winter quarter begin on January 3rd. I say "technically" simply because when a person's winter break begins depends on when they are done with finals for fall quarter. Also note that there are no exams on the Friday of exam week. See the Related Links to see the calendar.