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When is your guinea pig going to die?


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A guinea pig lives for about 5-7 years on average.

but any guinea pig over 4 yrs is consitered old.

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no it will not die i have a male guinea pig he did not die from mating

You just know when a guinea pig is

it depends! if the mouse had rabies or a bad sickness then the guinea pig coud POSSIBLE die. but not very likely.

A pregnant guinea pig who is just going to labor will lay on her big stomach.This is the sign of a guinea pig that is just going to labor.

If your guinea pig farts, that's fine. If the guinea pig poops, that's fine. BUT IF YOUR GUINEA PIG SHARTS you should see a vet.

I would not recommend you to heal a guinea pig at home. You should bring your guinea pig to a local animal hospital. Healing a guinea pig alone can cause germs going into the guinea pig. That can be harmful for your pet.

pretty much nothin (ps its not like ur going to die)

No, not unless you eat the guinea pig, and I don't think your going to do that... :D

Yes, guinea pigs can die from fright. They can get heart attacks and die. It is best to keep your guinea pig cage in a place where there is not to many loud noises.

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You know when a guinea pig is going to die when his behavior dramatically changes from before. If the guinea pig stops drinking he will eventually die from dehydration. It is completely normal for guinea pigs to eat continuously throughout the day, and something is definitely wrong if he stops eating. A guinea pigs' body will be light and limp with no energy. If the guinea pigs' eyes are not bright or clear and starts to recede, then the guinea pig is slowly dying. He will give the most painful screeches as he struggles to breathe. The guinea pig is only minutes from dying when lies down and breathes with his entire front teeth showing. It will be too late when his breathing comes to an end and his heart finally stops.

uh yes it will die and don`t try that it`s not good for the guinea pig

i have no idea who ralpherie Simon pig is

The guinea pig is either too fat or lazy, but if your guinea pig is too fat I'm afraid it might die :(

Guinea pig, hamsters will get scared and will die of shock.

The guinea pig should see a veterinarian. The veterinarian can discover the cause of the guinea pig's hair loss, and he or she can see what should be done for the guinea pig.

OF COURSE IT IS BAD! Do you want your guinea pig to die?! If the answer is NO,(and I hope it is) be careful where you step,especially if your guinea pig is scurrying about somewhere. Hope this helped! PS. My parents are thinking of getting me a guinea pig, wish me luck! =)

YES, during cold months a guinea pig can freeze to death at night.

no, but leaving it unfed for 2 or more days can harm your guinea pig.

if a guinea pig eats raw or cooked potato, it will get poisoned an die

The guinea pig would become more and more ill until the guinea pig might be prone to other problems and maybe even die.

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