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Which one would fit a daycare Guinea pig or hamster?


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Guinea pig, hamsters will get scared and will die of shock.

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How to get the Hamster fit again. Please see the Related link below for a walkthrough of how to get the Hamster Fit!

Yes. The wires in the cage have gaps too small for a dwarf hamster to fit through. The cage is good for dwarf hamsters.

Yes you can! You would have to be very gentle with your hamster and make sure that the clothes fit! And the hamster will not enjoy that while you dress them and they may bite you!

A hamster is good or a guinea pig or a rat but you all have to take care of them other wise they wont be that freindly also some may be very fragile like hamster and when you get it you will need it to get use to people sorry my writing has lots of mistakes

It depends if the hamster cage is large. If it is a regular cage, the rat might be too big to fit inside.

oh no, no they can't they are one of the biggest of the hamster breeds.

Hamsters and guinea pigs are two completely different animals. The most obvious difference is that hamsters are very small, they can fit in the palm of your hand. Guinea pigs are much larger, they generally weigh around 3 pounds or so when fully grown. They have different dietary and housing needs as well.

it depends on what kind of hamster you want to get. most hamsters will become about as long as a pocket comb. Teddy bear hamsters tend to get as big as one of those air conditioner remotes. Beware, it doesn't matter how large the hamster is, if you can fit a pencil under the space, you can fit a hamster.

They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also they will mate but they might also fight to

A small rodent such as a hamster or mouse.

Yes, you can even fit it bread

just put a wheel in the cage and let the hamster choose and if you're putting it in the ball then if you want your hamster to be fit put him/her in for 30 mins in ball every other day

tell her that the guinea pig cant fit and needs a bigger and better house

Carmen hipgrave is a hamster she is small dark hair and verryyy fit ;')

Leave it go and give it a treat. That should settle it down

Well, hamsters can flatten themselves out so they basically fit into many different sizes of holes.

Yes they can. My rabbit lived my guinea pig for a while but then we had to separate them as it is known that sometimes rabbits can bully guinea pigs a bit. I would strongly recommend two separate hutches. Two floors for a rabbit as they like lots of space and a single floored hutch for a guinea pig (though you can fit two in it!)

Well, it depends on the hamster really. I have got 2 Syrian hamster, both girls, and they look exactly the same, its just one of them is really small and can fit in one of my hands, but the other wont even fit in both of my hands and her lets are hanging of. If you want to know the real size, i suggest you ask an expert!

it shakes rapidly and jumps around crazy.

Of course not. Even if the rabbit didn't kill the hamster then the hamster could escape from a rabbit cage, and a rabbit wouldn't fit in a hamster cage. Rabbits should be kept in same-sex pairs whereas Syrian hamsters must be kept alone.

They tend to grow to about 13 to 18 cm (5 to 7 inches) in length. They would fit nicely in a adult's hand.

Why not, white winter hamsters are the same size possibly smaller than a dwarf hamster.

I suppose if you made tiny enough outfits that fit correctly, it could be done. Whether or not the hamster would agree, however, depends on the personality of the hamster. I personally wouldn't suggest it. There is also a small possibility that the hamster might remove an item of clothing and attempt to eat or pouch it which could be harmful (especially if it swallows any of the tiny buttons). ;)

Baby guinea pigs will usually fit right into the palm of your hand, and have quite large feet; adult guinea pigs are easily the size of a football.

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