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When it comes to military and defence in man's community man has to step up and practice and take shifts to defend his community. Man has to be able to risk his life to save his people and his community. Man should not just do it for a medal but he should do it for the fact that this is his community, with his people, and the place where he lives. If man does give his service to community this but does not get much recognition, man should be proud as he know he did the right thing and helped his community.

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Q: When it is comes to service for community what does man have to do in relation military and defence?
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What is a man in military service called?

Soldier or defence personnel.

How do you get the national defense medal in the military?

National Defence Service Medal? Serve in the military during a time of war or major military conflict.

Does Finland have a pledge of allegiance?

For all citizens, no. Finland does have male military conscription and a high percentage of males have been in military service and have pledged the Finnish Defence Forces military oath. For example, males born in 1988, about 67,2% have gone through military service.

When was Federal Service for Defence Contracts created?

Federal Service for Defence Contracts was created in 2003.

When was Defence Long Service Medal created?

Defence Long Service Medal was created in 1998.

What is the penalty for military misconduct?

Depending on what it is, it could be anything from Dishonorable Discharge to community Service.

Does a wife of a dead military personnel get his pension?

If the military personnel was died while on service, his next of kin ie his wife or parents if he was unmarried, intitle for defence pension as per the cause of death of military personnel.

What is the budget of Danish Defence Intelligence Service?

The budget of Danish Defence Intelligence Service is 98,022,410 dollars.

What does abbreviation SV CO mean in relation to World War 2 Military unit?

short for Service Company..............

When was Defence Force Service Medal created?

Defence Force Service Medal was created on 1982-04-20.

Which organisation provides legal advocacy for gay and lesbian members of the Australian military?

The Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service ("DEFGLIS").

When was New Zealand Defence Service Medal created?

New Zealand Defence Service Medal was created in 2011-04.

What are the components of citizenship advancement training?

Military Orientation Community Service Public safety and Law Enforcement Service

What is the difference between school service and community service?

School service is helping out your school. Where community service is helping anywhere in your community.

Why should students do community service?

To help the community, and that helps. I go to a community school and we have to do community service

What is the process of doing community immersion?

Community immersion is a form of service learning that is integrated with a student passions and interests. This form of learning is a long term learning process that has a relation to the on-going development of a community social justice issues.

A payment for military service is a an?

a paryment for military service is an

Was Calvin Coolidge in the military service?

no- Coolidge had no military service.

What was the home front during the war?

The Home Guard was a defence organisation comprising of personnel who were not eligble for military service. Their role was to guard mainland Britain in case of invasion.

Is a waitress a community service worker?

No , its not community service as it is a pay job!

Statute of limitations on serving community service?

Serving community service

Is NOAA a branch of military service?

No. The NOAA Commissioined Corps is a "uniformed service", but it is not a military service.

Is military service compulsory in Germany?

National service is. I do believe they offer alternatives to military service.

What military service did Woodrow Wilson serve?

Wilson had no military service .

How do you help the community?

Community service.

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