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Q: When locusts attack what damage is done?
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Do locusts attack?

No never

What is the theme of mild attack of locusts?

is the surrounding

Who wrote a mild attack of locusts?

Doris Lessing

Are grass hoppers dangeous?

No. However when they swarm as locusts they can cause damage.

Insects that cause damage to farm crops?

locusts or their cousins grasshoppers

How much damage was done on 11 September 2001 Terrorist Attack?

Answerover a billion dollars.

Can a heart attack not be discovered on autopsy?

A heart attack will be discovered during an autopsy. The stress and damage done to the heart will be apparent during an autopsy.

When in the locusts lifecycle does it cause th most damage?

in the adult part of the life cycle

What are the harmful effects of locusts?

The most harmful effect of locusts are the damage to agriculture. A swarm of locusts can wipe out crops, causing a food shortage and rising prices in grocery stores. Lost crops can put farmers in debt, or out of business.

What is the correct grammar The damage is done or the damage was done?

it depends on what kind of sentence it's in.

What is a group of locusts called?

The collective nouns for locusts are: a plague of locusts a cloud of locusts a swarm of locusts

Did America attack Hiroshima with airplanes before the Atomic bombing?

No. That was one of the reasons it was a target for the atomic bomb. Any damage done had to be done by the single bomb.

What is a MT 123-23?

A MT 123-23 is a type of Pokeman attack. The 123-23 has to do with the amount of damage done.

When was The Damage Done created?

The Damage Done was created in 1997.

How many pages does The Damage Done have?

The Damage Done has 211 pages.

What insects attack the people in the story of Moses?

Locusts were the 8th plauge that G-d brought upon the Egyptians.

When was Damage Done created?

Damage Done was created on -20-03-02.

What is a 6 letter word for a locusts group?

A group of locusts is called a plague of locusts.

When was The Locusts created?

The Locusts was created in 1826.

What is the ISBN of The Damage Done?

The ISBN of The Damage Done is 0-7329-0914-7.

In Pokemon HeartGold what is sp attack?

Sp attack is Special Attack. The greater a Pokemon's special attack the more damage will be done when using a special attack. If you go into a Pokemon's summary screen and look at the moves screen and select them with the stylus the red and yellow symbol is a physical attack and the purple wave looking one denotes a special attack.

What is the punishment for launching a dos attack?

The punishment varies by country, amount of damage done, etc. It usually involves some jail time and fines...

Where can you catch locusts?

Where the locusts live is a good place!

What do you call a large number of locusts?

A swarm of locusts.

What are locusts and their physical characteristics?

physical traits of a locusts