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First Joseph wanted to divorce Mary. But the angel spoke to him in a dream, and he married her.

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Q: When Mary became pregnant what did Joseph do?
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Why was Joseph embarrassed when Mary became pregnant?

Joseph and Mary were not married as yet.

Was Mary and Joseph married?

Yes they were. They were engaged at the time Mary became pregnant. They married right after the angel told Joseph that Mary was pregnant, however they did not consumate the marriage until after Jesus was born.

Were Mary and joseph married when Mary became pregnant?

No but they got married soon after (with the holy spirit's permission)

Who was Mary Jesus' mother engaged to when she became pregnant?

A local man named Joseph.

When Mary became pregnant Joseph intended Jewish lawded to take this action allowed?


How long had Mary and Joseph been married when Jesus was born?

Jesus was born soon after their wedding as the Bible says Mary was a virgin when she became pregnant and Joseph wanted to break the engagement.

Did Mary and Joseph both ride the donkey to Bethlehem?

No Joseph walked because Mary was pregnant.

What was the name of the man jesus mother was engaged to at the time she became pregnant?

The name of the man was Joseph, he eventually , married Mary.

What did Joseph do when Mary became pregnant?

He wanted to get a divorce which was allowed by Jewish law, but an angel came to him in a dream and the divorce was never done.

How did virgin Mary have the baby?

The Virgin Mary became pregnant with Jesus, before Joseph had married her! So she hadn't had any intimate relations with Jospeh. But she became preganant through the Holy Spirit; who had been sent by God to impregnate Mary.

What did God ask Joseph to do in the Bible?

God asked Joseph to be Mary's husband. This was in spite of the fact that Mary was pregnant but not with his child.

Was the Virgin Mary married before getting pregnant?

No the bible says Mary got pregnant before she married Joseph.

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