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compound words written as two

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Q: When may be compound words written as 2 words?
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What is a compuond word?

A compound word is a word made by 2 or more words joined together. Compound words can be written as one word, separated by a hyphen,or as two separate words.

Why do compound words have hyphens?

Hyphens are often used in compound words to clarify the relationship between the words they connect and make them easier to read and understand. They can also help with pronunciation and avoid ambiguity in the meaning of the compound word.

2 fruits that are compound words?

watermelon pineapple

Is play date a compound word or 2 words?


Is a t shirt a compound?

No because a compound is 2 words and t is not a word so t shirt isn't a compound.

Is start over a compound word?

Start over is not a compound word. It is 2 separate words.

Bracelet a compound word?

first let me tell you what compound words are. HotDog LunchBox and FingerPrints see 2 words in each of the words bracelet is a word itself.

Is crossoff a compound word?

Cross off = 2 words

Is skiing a compound word?

Ski jump = 2 words

Is jumped a compound word?

Ski jump = 2 words

Is lawnmower a compound word?

Yes, "lawnmower" is a compound word because it is made up of two separate words, "lawn" and "mower," that are joined together to create a new word with its own meaning.

What compound words have a long e sound?

Some compound words with a long E sound:anyone/somebody/nobody/anybody (2)bookmobilecenterpiecedaydreamgrandniecehoneymoonhousekeeperkeyboardmeanwhilenortheast/southeastoatmealoverseeseashorespearmintsweetheartteacupupbeatupstreamweekend