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compound words written as two

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What is a compuond word?

A compound word is a word made by 2 or more words joined together. Compound words can be written as one word, separated by a hyphen,or as two separate words.

Why do compound words have hyphens?

because they are 2 words that can be separate.

Example of compound words in sentence?

Compound words combine 2 words into one and don't use a space. For example: Bobbby fell on the playground afterschool. Both playground and afterschool are compound words.

What is the compound name for CaCN?

The compound as written does not exist. Ca(CN)2 is calcium cyanide.

Is a t shirt a compound?

No because a compound is 2 words and t is not a word so t shirt isn't a compound.

Is start over a compound word?

Start over is not a compound word. It is 2 separate words.

Is compound a compound word?

nope; it's just a 2 syllable word. compound words are made up of two words that can stand on their own, like playground and sandbox

Bracelet a compound word?

first let me tell you what compound words are. HotDog LunchBox and FingerPrints see 2 words in each of the words bracelet is a word itself.

Is lawnmower a compound word?

Yes, it is a compound word because it consists of 2 words (lawn and mower)

What is formed when 2 elements conbine?

A compound. Depending on the elements combined, the compound may or may not have the same characteristics as the original elements.

Is Rosa Parks a compound noun?

Yes, Rosa Parks is a compound noun. It is a compound noun because it is a noun made up of two (2) or more words. And Rosa Parks is two (2) words. :p love - BrIaNnA <3

Is climbed a compound word?

no a compound word is a word composed of 2 different words to create a different word.

What is a compound word for every some no?

What are 2 compound words for the word grasshopper?

Is homework a compound word?

Yes homework is a compound word because it includes 2 words. Home, and work.

Is onto 2 words?

No, onto is a compound word which is one word.

Is measuring stick a compound word?

No. It's 2 separate words.

Is key chain a compound word?

No it is 2 words key and chain.

Is candy shop a compound word?

no because it is 2 words not 1 :)

Is hot dog a compound word?

It is not a compound word because it is 2 words.Yes it is since hot and dog are 2 separate words with individual meanings placed together to great a new one.

Is zinc 2 chloride a compound?

The only common oxidation state of zinc is +2, so the "2" (which should actually be written as "(II)") is redundant. But yes, zinc chloride is a compound.

What 2 syllable words have 2 double ls in them?

Pulley, fullness, shilling, volley, llama have two l's. For two double l's, you have to use a compound word like bellpull or pellmell. Compound words are sometimes written separate (bell pull) or hyphenated (pell-mell). Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary gives "bellpull" as one word.

Is the word libraries a compound word?

No. It is not made up of 2 different words.

What is the compound word of the rack for coats?

Coat rack would be the description, but it is 2 words not one compound word. I can't think of any compound word that would work.

Is fireplace 1 or 2 words?

Fireplace is 1 wordfireplace is a compound word

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