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Music has been public since it first started , from it's early origins of a person banging out a simple rhythm on a tree trunk or the ground other people around would have listened.

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What came first language or music?

which came first language or music?

Napoleon first came to public attention when he?

He first came to public attention when he aided in the capture of Toulon.

What came first dance or music?

dance came first

What came first speech or music?


What came to Britain first Public Toilets or telephone boxes?

public toilet

Who first realized that the world was full of music?

The people who came in this world 1st realized that the world is full of music, and the first people who came was the Stonage people.

Which came first music or skateboarding?

the man ruined both

Did people like Rock music when it first came out?


How was rap perceived when it first came out?

it wasnt accepted as music

Where can you find the sheet music to i came?

type in on google lyrics to i came itsusually the first one

Was pop music popular or not when it first came out?

Of course! that's why it was called pop (popular)music

How did music change the way of life in the 1920's?

Music gave the African Americans a new way of life. New dance moves came about, Jazz music came out, and people were more open about how they danced and how they acted out in public.

Is song you had a hat when you came in public domain?

The song "I Had A Hat When I Came In" is currently not under public domain. It belongs to Jerry Vogel Music Company in New York under copyright entry 22842.

When did blues music first come into existence?

The blues music came into existence many years ago.

The rhythm of early notated music came from?

The rhythm of early notated music came from a few different sources. One idea is that it was first notated with the Greeks.

What kind of music came first Hip hop or rap?

it was rap

When did pop music came about?

Popular music (music of the people) is, I guess, the original type of music, so the first caveman to beat out a rhythm, started pop music.

Who was the first person to play blues music?

Who first played blues music is next to impossible to find. it came from the slaves working in the fields and gospel music the first blues sheet music was Hart Wands "Dallas Blues" in 1912

How old was Simon Cowell when he first came into the music industrie?

He was in his early thirties.

Where does the word casino originate from?

From Italian meaning 'a public room for dancing and music'. Came into use in the mid 1700.s

When did gramophones come out?

The first one was built in 1878, but they came open to the public in the 1880s

When was I Came to Hear the Music created?

I Came to Hear the Music was created in 1974.

Who wrote Lupang Hinirang?

Lupang Hinirang's lyrics was written by Jose Palma, and the Music was composed by Julian Felipe. The Music came out first, then after more than one year came the lyrics.

Who was one of the first people that made it big with rap music?

some of the first successful people would first be "Public Enemy"... peace...

Which came first the public playhouse in England or Shakespeare's play writing career?

i think so