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Q: When new indian one rupee revenue stamp launched in which year?
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When India launched one rupee revenue stamp?


How can you buy Indian revenue stamp?


Is revenue stamp is required if the employer transfer the salary to employees saving account and not by way of cash as per Indian revenue stamp act?

No. Revenue stamps are applicable on cash payment.

Where do you get Indian revenue stamp in US?

You can get Indian revenue stamps in the U.S. from many coin shops. You can also find some of the stamps on online auction sites.

What is a Bill stamp?

A Canadian revenue stamp.

Why you are using revenue stamp in bill of lading?

Bill of lading is legal contract document. Without revenue stamp it mere a contract and it has no legal document but after putting (affixing) revenue stamp it become legal. Government issues revenue stamps to collect the tax. by affixing revenue stamps on b/l, it shows that documentary tax is paid.

What was the tax of the stamp act?

it was a revenue tax

Pictures of Guyana postage and revenue stamps?

picture of Guyana postage and revenue stamp

What is the name of India's Paper Currency?

The Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL) has appointed the Vendors who can sale/print the stamp paper. Now various banks and institutions are also providing the Stamp Papers.Only Authorized Agents can sell the Stamp Paper.To know more visit to our website- edrafter.inThanks.

What act of 1764 and the stamp act of 1764 and the stamp act of 1765?

to create revenue for the British government

What year was the 3 cent Indian Centennial Stamp Issued?

United States Postage 3 Cent Indian Centennial Stamp, "The Five Civilized Indian Tribes of Oklahoma, 1848-1948". When was this Stamp Issued?

The salient features of Indian stamp act 1899?

stamp act