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They mean the time zone you are currently located, not necessarily where you live. In other words, if you live in California but you're visiting New York on business, your cell phone provider will use New York time while you are there.

2008-05-03 01:40:31
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You Need to Have A Cell Phone Plan with Free Nights and Weekends?

One of the biggest things to consider when you are looking at what cell phone plan you should get is whether or not you get free nights and weekends. You do not want to take a plan that will not provide you with these. If you do, you will use up the minutes that you have much too quickly. When the nights and weekends are free, you do not need to worry about using them up.

If you have Verizon but don't have a data plan do you get the internet free nights and weekends?

You will get free minutes on nights and weekends but you do not get free Internet.

What are some good mobile phone offers?

"Many companies offer free phones or a discounted price with a two-year commitment. Mobile phone companies vary by location. Some offer free incoming calls or free cellular to cellular calling. Most companies offer free nights, starting time may vary, and free weekends."

Does a sprint have free nights and weekends?


Are free nights an weekends on cell phones free or does it still cost minutes?

Generally, if your plan says "FREE Nights and Weekends," it is safe to assume that yes, they are free. -_- ~{Insomniac Platypus}~

When is sprint free to call?

I Think It's Nights And Weekends

Can you receive calls on a TracFone?

Yes you can. It's pretty much the same as any other cell phone except that you don't have free nights and weekends.

what companies offer free phone service?

what companies offer free phone service

What are some good discount cell phone plans at Sprint>?

If you want an individual plan, you can't go wrong with the "Basic" package. You will receive 200 anytime minutes, and free nights and weekends, for just $29.99. However, if you need a family plan, I would recommend the "Talk for Family" plan. You get 700 anytime minutes, and free nights and weekends, for only $69.99.

Is phone calls from At t free when you call on the weekends?

not reallly

Is the at and t go phone free on night and weekends?

For $20, you can purchase free nights and weekends minutes. The minutes are unlimited, but it's kind of like putting a "feature package (such as text)" on your phone: it lasts for 30 days and then you have to spend $20 again to re-add the free nights and weekends minutes. This is a great deal, by the way, as long as you remember when your plan ends - lol. This is cheaper than a contract phone. For $20 you can purchase unlimited nights and weekend minutes; for $20 dollars you can purchase unlimited texts. That's only $40. Or you can pay $60 for unlimited both... which I find silly since it really only costs $40 to have unlimited both... lol. (FYI) Another piece of advice, if you want to choose this route: Keep money on your phone, set up automatic monthly renewal. Your phone will automatically charge you at the end of one month's cycle, and renew the nights/weekends minutes plan. Hope this helped! :)

Can you text for free on weekends or after 9 o' clock p.m.?

It totally depends on your cell phone plan. Most companies allow you to only call on weekends or after nine p.m., not text, but you will have to check with your service provider about your cell phone plan (which can easily be found online nowadays).

How do you make afree call?

You cannot make a free call really. You can have free nights and weekends with certain cell phone plans or make free calls to certain users, but you still have to pay for the phone and pay a minimal monthly fee. You can sometimes make free local calls with a landline but you still have to pay a monthly fee for that as well.

Over weekends and after 9 pm on Weekdays is a Verizon cell phone calling a home phone free?


When is the cheepest time to call long distance?

Many mobile phone services offer free nights and weekends. Each phone carrier offers different times that their nights start at. Here is a list of nights for some major carriers:AT&T:9PM-6AMVerizon:9PM-6AMSprint:7PM-7AMTmobile:9PM-7AMAlltel:9PM-6AMOf course all mobile phone providers have free mobile-to-mobile, so it would be cheapest if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend both had the same carrier, then it would be free all the time for as many hours as you need!

What is the cheapest wireless plans in Nevada?

T Mobile offers wireless plans in Nevada starting at $29.99/month will free nights and weekends.

Does it cost to make an international call on your cell phone at night if you have free night minutes on the T-mobile cell phone plan?

sorry to say... I kinda still cost because it is far away and stuff but wait a sec,What cell copany does your friend from far away have? And is t-mobile to t-mobile FREE? if it is you can call during anytime of the day! Free nights and weekends does not include International Calls.

Can you get free home phone service?

There are a few companies that offer free home phone service, such as Ooma and MagicJack for example. Keep in mind that with these types of companies, the service is free, however you will have to pay for initial equipment in order to access their services.

How do I get a free phone deal?

Many phone companies will give someone a free phone as long as they are willing to sign a contract of some sort. The length of time of the contract varies as does the quality of the phone.

Why do cell phone companies give away free phones?

Cell phone companies give away free cell phones in order to get you to sign a two year contract with them. By giving you a phone, you pledge to pay them money for the next two years.

What cell phone companies offer free sms?

I don't think any of the cell phone companies offer free SMS, as they all require some payment for your plan. So even if they say SMS is "unlimited or free" you are still paying for it.

I need to find out about the best cell phone plans.?

I suggest T-mobile cell phone plans. The 1000 minutes per month (free nights and weekends) only cost $39.99. Even if you add unlimited text messages ($5/month) and another line for your significant other ($10/month), your monthly phone bill will still be well below $80 after taxes.

What companies offer free internet phone calls?

There are a number of different companies that offer free internet phone calls. Some of those websites include EvaPhone, Skype, Primus, and it can be achieved with the Magic Jack product.

What time is calling on a tmobile phone free?

9 p.m. to 9.a.m the next morning, and on weekends it is free from Friday 9 p.m. until monday at 9 a.m.

How can you unlok phone free?

Most phone companies will charge you if you want to unlock your phone before your contract with them runs out. It has been part of the contract