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All women are different. But I'd guess the average women starts to show lower on her belly. When I first started to "show", it looked like I got a layer of fat over my tummy, hips and waist. Then I started to notice a small bulge very low on my stomach.....which just seems to expand all the time!! As your uterus grows upward, you'll notice higher on your abdomen becoming larger. What some refer to as a "bump" in early pregnancy usually shows under the belly button where the uterus is located. As time goes by and baby grows, you will show in various ways depending on how your baby grows. Some women carry high in late pregnancy, some low.

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Q: When pregnant does your stomach begin to bulge below or above your belly button?
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under your stomach

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What week do your stomach begin to harden during pregnancy?

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Can you squeeze a pregnant belly does it feel like a roll of fat or is it solid?

Obviously this depends on how heavy the pregnant woman is to begin with. It will eventually become solid even if the woman had some fat on her stomach. If a woman is thin then her stomach would be more solid, if she has some meat on her bones then there will be a little softness but it's more solid than just fat.

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When in pregnancy does your lower stomach or abdomen begin to harden?

If you are slim you will probably start to notice the difference when you are 14-15 weeks pregnant. If you are carrying more fat in the abdominal area you will notice it later.

What are the signs of begin pregnant?

The signs of being pregnant are such: morning sickness, which is uneasiness of stomach, prequent vomiting, strange cravings for food (which is the for the baby and not necessarily for the mother), considerable weight gain (at least a lil bulge), and maybe some behind the doors changes/cravings.

Can a pregnant woman begin lactating before having a child?

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