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Yes, in most cases they do. They want to know what their investment is when they give you a loan.

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Q: When refinancing a home do they come out and take a picture of the house?
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i have a modular home inapark which is paid off. to apply for a loan on this home is it refinancing or a home loan?

It is refinancing not a home loan. For more information on refinancing go to web site

What are the disadvantages of refinancing a home?

Some of the disadvantages to refinancing a home are the cost, loan term, equity reductions, owning less of your home when done, and the time it will take. Those are some of the disadvantages of refinancing a home.

How many times can you refinance your home in Texas?

You can only refinance your home for as long as only if you are eligible for another home refinancing. If your past home refinancing was good, you might be able to get another one but if you had a bad score on your past house refinancing attempt, you might have a hard time getting another one. Some online real estate school teach their students as well the essence and only when to use home refinancing as it is not always the best option for every home owner.

Where can I find the best refinancing rates for my house?

The refinancing rates for your home depend on the current rates for the bank. You would need to call around to a few different banks for different rates.

What is the advantage of refinancing ones house?

The major benefits of refinancing one's home is that it can lower the monthly mortgage payment. Similarly, refinancing can enable one to use the extra money on other things, such as renovations or a holiday. Seek advice from a financial expert.

Where can home loan refinancing be obtained?

Home loan refinancing can be obtained online or at local banks. Online, websites like LendingTree allow one to obtain home loan refinancing. Banks like Chase and Bank of America are places where one can also obtain home loan refinancing.

Where can I learn about home refinancing rates?

One of the best places to learn and find out about home refinancing rates in your area is Erate. They publish the current mortgage rates including those for refinancing.

What are some FHA refinancing options for homeowners?

There are a number of FHA refinancing options for homeowners. These include cash out refinancing and streamline refinancing which allows you to reduce the interest on your home quickly.

Where can a home mortgage refinancing lender be found?

If someone is interested in home mortgage refinancing, it is important to find a home mortgage refinancing lender. One can be found by going to mortgage calculator websites or mortgage review websites.

How can you go about refinancing in California US?

It all depends on what you are trying to refinance. A local bank can provide refinancing options with a car or house. If you're trying to refinance your home, you can also contact a mortgage broker.

Where can one find information about FHA home refinancing?

One can find information about FHA home refinancing by going directly to the FHA home refinancing website. There is contact information and other categories to peruse to find the information needed.

What are the average home refinancing rates?

Home refinancing rates vary week by week depending on the economic situation of the country. Typically refinancing rates stay around 3.96 percent to 4 percent.

How do people refinance there home loans?

My parents have had to refinance due to the monthly payments being unreasonable for the income. Refinancing is done through the bank. They come out and evaluate how much the house is worth and suggest options on payment.

First home buyer should wait how long before refinancing?

First home buyer should wait how long before refinancing?

What exactly is California refinancing?

California refinancing is mortgage rates that are only in California. You can contact banks and financial institutions there for their rates on refinancing your mortgage for your home or business.

What are the benefits to refinancing your home and is that a way to get the funds you need to do home remodeling or renovations?

The benefits to refinancing your home is to eliminate the risk and lower the leverage. Yes, you can take out a loan as a way to do home remodeling or revonations

What does home refinancing exactly mean?

Refinancing a home means that the individual slowly repays their debt for their mortgaged home during the years. The terms for this refinancing of homes widely varies by countries and states, as well as certain economic factors like credit worthiness, risk or stability.

Where can one find information on refinancing home equity loans?

One can find information on refinancing home equity loans at local banks, financing companies and credit unions. There are also several online sites one can consult for information on refinancing home equity loans.

Where would someone seek advice on refinancing?

While there are lots of places out there to get free quotes on refinancing, it is best to talk to your bank or a mortgage expert if you are planning on refinancing your home. Your bank can give you great advice if you are refinancing your auto loan.

Are there any risks to home refinancing?

Yes there are risks in home refinancing, as well as benefits. The main risk is that some loans carry penalty clauses that are triggered by early payment of that loan. If penalty fees are higher than the savings you could get from home refinancing, it is better not to take that loan.

What are the dangers of refinancing a home mortgage?

There are many dangers of refinancing a home mortgage, one of the biggest ones is the possible loss of your home and going bankrupt. Meaning that one would lose all that they own.

What website will give me information regarding the best refinancing of my home?

This website: is a good place to compare refinancing companies, see what others think, and they even provide links that you can use to gather more information and apply for refinancing.

What things need to be considered before refinancing your home?

There are several factors to consider before refinancing your home. These include your income, your interest rate, and whether you're willing to put in the effort.

Where can one get mobile home refinancing?

One can get mobile home refinancing widely across the internet, such companies that offer this service are, MHloans, 21st Mortgage Corporation and Mountain Side Financial.

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