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Mercutio is making fun of Romeo, thinking that he is still moping about Rosaline. Mercutio does not seem to be particularly interested in girls except to make dirty jokes about them.

The image Romeo conjures up should be easy to understand. To jest is to joke, a wound is a cut in your skin, and a scar is what you have on your skin after a wound heals. Romeo is presenting a picture of a warrior who has scars from the battles he has been wounded in, and some jackass laughing at his scars. The warrior might well say, "Don't laugh at my scars unless you have wounds of your own. Then you will know how I feel."

But wait, why is Romeo talking about warriors and battle wounds? Well, he's not. It's a metaphor. He feels like that warrior who has scars because of his unhappy love experiences. The wounds and scars Romeo are talking about are the metaphorical wounds and scars of love. Mercutio is the jackass who is laughing at Romeo's suffering, which he has never felt.

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Romeo is expressing that he is unaffected by physical wounds but deeply disturbed by emotional pain. He is suggesting that emotional wounds, such as love and heartbreak, can leave scars that are more lasting and punishing than physical injuries.

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Q: When romeo says he jets at scars that never felt a wound What is he mean?
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Who teases romeo about rosaline and his love- sickness?

Who teases romeo about rosaline and his love sickness?

Why does mercutio denounce love?

He jests at scars that never felt a wound.

What does jests mean from Romeo and Juliet?

'Jests' from the play Romeo & Juliet means "makes jokes" and is used in the quote, 'He jests at scars that never felt a wound.' What is meant here is that, Mercutio is laughing/sneering at Romeo's short lived love for Rosaline and Romeo thinks that Mercutio who has never experienced love himself laughs at Romeo's experiences in love when really he has no right.

He jests at scars that never felt a wound what does that remark mean?

This remark from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" suggests that someone who has not experienced pain or hurt may make light of others' suffering, lacking empathy for their wounds. It highlights the idea that it is easy to dismiss or belittle the struggles of others when one has not gone through similar experiences themselves.

What does Romeo mean by he jests at scars that never felt a wound?

This is a line from Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio laughs because he can't understand Romeo's pain or "scars" from unrequited love. He doesn't understand how Romeo can feel emotional pain because Mercutio has never been in love. He can only relate to physical pain.This is a point of foreshadowing or dramatic ironyin the play because later in the story, Romeo laughs after Mercutio has been fatally wounded before he realizes that Mercutio is dying.

What is significant about mercutio's remarks to romeo in scene 1 and Romeo's reponse in scene 2?

Your question is a bit vague. Are you talking about Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2? Mercutio in Scene 1 is trying to get Romeo to come out of hiding by talking dirty about Rosaline. This is the sort of joshing locker-room talk that Mercutio is used to engaging in with Romeo. But Romeo won't have any of it. "He jests at scars that never felt a wound." Romeo realizes that, as with most locker-room talk, Mercutio has no idea what her is talking about. Romeo has grown out of that stage.

What is significant about Mercutios remarks to Romeo in scene 1 and Romeos response in scene 2?

Mercutio is enjoying himself by making dirty jokes about Romeo and Rosaline, imagining Romeo dreaming of having sex with her: "O, that she were an open arse and you a pop'rin (sounds like pop 'er in) pear!" Romeo's reply in scene 2 of Act 2, "He jests at scars who never felt a wound", contemptuously dismisses Mercutio as someone who sneers at something because he doesn't understand it. His feelings for Juliet (about which Mercutio knows nothing) are far beyond the physical lust Mercutio is talking about. Even before the balcony scene we have a notion that what is going on with Romeo is much more powerful than his playing at being in love with Rosaline.

What is Mercutio's attitude toward love?

For Mercutio, love is an opportunity to make a dirty joke. It's all about the sex, and nothing more. We never hear Mercutio exhibit the slightest realization that women are human beings. As is the case with most such guys, there isn't a woman who would come within ten feet of him. Romeo is genuinely in love with Juliet. He cannot stand the idea of being apart from her. He is quite prepared, in his impractical romantic way, to sacrifice himself if she should ask for it. He is also prepared to offer cheer and hope when she seems down. Although he does not have the insight into Juliet's needs that a more sophisticated man might have, he is on the way. As Romeo pithily says about Mercutio: he jests at scars that never felt a wound.

When romeo and Juliet kill themselves what might you have felt?

You might have felt sad and touched.

Who in Romeo and Juliet has felt betrayed by adults?


How did romeo feel when he first kissed Juliet?

he felt excited

What conflict does Juliet feel when she hears that ROmeo has killed her cousin?

She felt sorry for her cousin but she still loved Romeo. Kind of both sided.