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Q: When selecting media for emergency communications you should?
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Who makes all contacts with the media in emergency management?

A comprehensive emergency management program or business continuity plan should include a sound crisis communications component. Accordingly, a spokesperson (and an alternate and his/her alternate) should be identified ... Also, you may want more than one spokesperson identified in your plans depending on the scope and nature of the emergency/incident/disruption. Also, in the Incident Management System (IMS) doctrine, the Public Information Officer coordinates all aspects of communications with audiences/public, including media relations. Where it gets interesting, is that in the era of social media, the IMS requirement that communications be approved by the incident manager/command could prove disastrous in that it could slow down the process of delivering emergency information to the public and stakeholders. With social media, the public expects immediate and accurate information. If you have to wait for approval from command for the most basic of messages, the you will fail ... the key ? have a crisis communications plan in place with pre-approved key messages BEFORE an incident occurs ... and a plan to make it all work. Hope this helps ...

What has the author George D Haddow written?

George D. Haddow has written: 'Introduction to emergency management' -- subject(s): Emergency management 'Disaster communications in a changing media world' -- subject(s): Emergency management, Planning, Disasters, Press coverage

What criteria should be used to select a network media?

Things you should consider when you are selecting media is the size, who owns it and the extension of the files. These factors will affect whether you can play the file.

Who regulated the broadcast media?

Federal Communications Commissions Regulate the broadcast media

How do media and communications affected elections and campaigns?

Media and communications affected elections and campaigns because candidates were able to reach a wider audience. Media and communications also helped by allowing political advertisements to air, which could help change a person's preference.

If you were the chief information officer of a firm what factors would you consider when selecting secondary storage media for your company's record?

Several factors should be considered when selecting secondary storage media. The first factor is what purpose the media storage is to be used for. The next consideration is the size of the media storage units needed. Price will have a great impact on what selection is made. Speed is another consideration, the buyer should understand how accessible this media will be. Compatibility with other storage units must also be considered. Finally desired portability is another consideration.

How do you say information and communications systems in Latin?


What is Media Planning and Scheduling?

media planning is the process of formulating strategies and selecting the appropriate media vehicle that can be use to reach the target audience.

What is GoConnect's motto?

GoConnect's motto is 'Global Media Communications'.

What would be be the singular for media?

Medium.Television is a communications medium.Radio and television are communications media.Reality check: Most people are unfamilar with the word medium as the singular of media. There is a tendency in modern usage to use media as both the singular and plural, at least in the context of mass communications. It's not right, but it is hard to control the evolution of language.

When at the incident who handles the media?

Answer: Police 1-2 (The time now is 0810. The SF Flight Chief (call name Police 1-1) is en route to the scene. The Emergency Communications Center (ECC)notifies the....)

What is The emergency manager's role for media relations?

make all contacts with the media