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A doctor may be able to detect pregnancy at around five weeks, though a heart beat will not be detected yet. Just an embryo and the thickening of the uterine wall.

Usually they set up an appointment at around 8 weeks.

In the UK you may never see a doctor unless you have a problem. You will see a midwife from about 8 weeks as well.

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The usual first visit is about 8 weeks after you have missed your period.

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Q: When should doctor visits start for pregnancy?
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How soon should you seek prenatal care?

Once you are pregnant you should start prenatal doctor visits. Early in the pregnancy, the doctor will prescribe you prenatal vitamins.

What should you do if three weeks into your pregnancy you start to bleed like you are on your period?

it could be implantation but you can call your doctor to be on the safe side. good luck!

When should I see a doctor if I think I am pregnant?

If you are having sever pain or sever bleeding, immediately. But if you take a home test 4 weeks after you think you became pregnant, and no abnormalities you should see a doc at the start of your second trimester.

Whats going on Pregnancy symptoms and now achy uterus and slow to medium flow red blood?

You should go to the doctor immediately. Could be having a miscarriage. Or, pregnancy symptoms are very similar to period symptoms. Did you start your period?

How far gone into the pregnancy are you when you start feeling constipated?

That's usually around the time you see a doctor so he can tell you exactly how far into the pregnancy you are in.

What are stomach flutters?

Anxiety, gas, pregnancy... if you have questions, ask your doctor.

Is it advisable to drive two wheeler in early pregnancy if so does kick start vehicle affect the pregnancy?

In general, if you and the fetus are both in normal health there is no reason that you can't continue to do the activities that were common before pregnancy. The kid isn't fragile if the pregnancy is progressing normally. If you have any specific concerns you should ask your doctor.

When does pregnancy disability leave start?

Pregnancy disability leave begins when your doctor indicates that you are no longer able to perform the material duties of your full time occupation.

Is crossing too many stairs can cause any harm to 6 weeks pregnancy?

if you mean climbing up stairs is not bad unless your doctor told you not to-- i used to lived 4 story walk up and i had a healthly pregnancy but if you start getting pain then you should talk to your doctor about your concern other than that its ok

What should you do if you show signs of pregnancy?

You need to take a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant or not. You can buy one at the supermarket or chemist or get one done at the doctor's or nurse's. If it's positive and you're pregnant, you need to get booked in to see your doctor ASAP so that you and your baby can start receiving medical care. If you're on birth control pills you should stop taking them until you find out that you're not pregnant. You also should not smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine until you know you are not pregnant.

If you didn't have your period this month and you start taking the pill on the 30Th when will the pill start working?

You shouldn't start taking the pill until you have started or have just ended you period. You should speak to your doctor about when you should start taking the pill if it has been prescribed to you for cycle regulation because you will need to make sure that the reason you have not had a period is not due to pregnancy.

How soon after a bleed in early pregnancy can you do another pregnancy test to find out if you have miscarried or not?

If you start bleeding during early pregnancy, it is really important to go to your doctor or a local ER to have an ultrasound and a blood test.