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After having mono, it would be best to gradually return to sports rather than jumping all in. The person would need to have had plenty of rest and fluids and be feeling pretty much OK. Even then a doctor should absolutely be consulted.

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Can mono be spread without having symptoms?

Yes, in fact many people have had Mono and never knew it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the mono rail system?

The advantage of having the mono rail is its location, success or failure. The disadvantages of the mono rail are its cost in relations to its sponsors...

Buddhism mono or poly?

mono mono mono mono

What is mono block pump?

The pumpset having Two Section Pump and Motor

What is the name for having only one line of symmerty?

Possibly mono-symmetrical

Does mono affect the immune system?

Yes, it affects your immune system, if you have mono your immune system should be down.

Can you catch mono off your dog?

Dogs and cats don't spread viral diseases to humans. I've never heard of any dog having mono!

When is mono contagious?

Mono is an STD. It can be transfered by the obvous. But it is called the kissing disease and can be transfered by kissing, or by having blood get into your system, ie. blood from a cut getting into a cut you have

Is Mono contagious?

Mono is an STD. It can be transfered by the obvous. But it is called the kissing disease and can be transfered by kissing, or by having blood get into your system, ie. blood from a cut getting into a cut you have

What is the cure for mono?

There is no real cure for Mono. If you get it, you should just wait for it to resolve. It also helps to get a lot of rest and have plenty of fluids.

Why is P Cl not potassium mono-chloride?

For one thing, P is phosphorus, not potassium. PCl would be phosphorus monochloride. Potassium chloride, KCl, is an ionic compound where as numeric prefixes (e.g. mono-, di-, tri-) are normally used for molecular compounds.

How can you get rid of mono?

If you have Mono, it is best to wait for it to resolve. Some medicines will make it worse. Also, you should rest a lot and have plenty of fluids.

What does mono e mono mean?

"Mono e mono" means nothing. "Mano a mano" is spanish for hand to hand. Mono e mono is a common misnomer.

How can mono be cured?

there is no actual medicine to cure mono. you are just suppose to have lots of rest and fluids (water). do not over exert yourself otherwise you will not get rid of mono. when having mono your liver and spleen usually swell up therefor no sports or anything that you can get hit in those places because if you do, you will have internal bleeding (im sure no body wants that lol). if you have some cold symptoms you can take medicines like dayquil or any cold medicines. that should at least help relieve some of those symptoms. i have mono now and my doctor game a steroids called predisone for the swelling in my throat. she also gave me an antibiotic for strep. even though i don't have strep it is suppose to help my swollen lymph nodes (glands). also if your throat hurts try ceprical ( its like a cough drop but it numbs your whole throat for longer so you don't feel as much.) i hope this all helps you out and if you have mono i hope you feel better:)

What are the drug which should not given with Mono amino oxidise inhibitors?


Your boyfriend has mono should you get tested?

Yes, because if you get it, you could die.

What is monow?

Mono is an illness that can last for months. It often causes sore throat, fevers, or even no symptoms at all. Mono should always be evaluated by a doctor.

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Mono is like single or alone, so it's mono mono, all my life I'll be mono, I'm alone and it's good to me, mono, from love I run away, mono... That's the chorus atleast

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How can you catch mono the disease?

one way that mono is transferred is through saliva, so eating/drinking after someone or kissing someone can give you mono, if that person has mono or is carrying mono.

How do you say monkey in spanish?

monkey: el mono. Monkey= monoMonkey = mono

How do you know if you have mono?

Symptoms of Mono are lack of energy, loss of apetite, fever, severe soar throat, chills, and swollen lymph glands. But to be sure, you should visit a doctor.

What is another name for mono saccharides?


What do the prefix mono mean?

mono = one

Are guitar cable mono or stereo?


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