When should you buy your son a bra?

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November 10, 2008 11:58PM

Well for some parents this can be a strange question. Our family are very open to each others individuality. If your son asks for you to buy a bra for him, you should ask "why". But if he really wants to start wearing bras, the best time to buy would be just before he is a preteen. Buy him a girls training bra which is best for him to get a sense about wearing bras. If he is older then at the age of 13/14 would be a good time to let him have a bra. >hello im a different person --- Are you serious, im sorry i don't mean to affend >you if your son does really wear a bra, but i really didn't think that guys wear >bras .

: Well my daughter (former son) is in the process of a sex change. There are those out there who are transgendered/transsexual who wear girls clothes to fill their desire to be female. : Yes it is strange but at the same time counseling is recommended. Some individuals we have talked to about this have said that it should not really be "encouraged" but supported. : So when my son (now daughter) came to me I was shocked but open.