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AnswerMy advice is to wait until she is not only ready but very ready. Jumping the gun will make you look like that is all you care about.
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Q: When should you first kiss a girl?
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Should a girl kiss first?

Why not?

When should a girl have their first kiss?

16 years

How do you make a girl let you kiss her butt?

You shouldn't want to kiss her butt. And if you do you should marry her first.

How should you kiss a girl when it's my first kiss?

don't plan it!! that'll ruin it right there! lol

How should a girl try to kiss a guy that she's not dating for the first time and how many dates should we have before I kiss him?


Should the girl kiss the guy first or is that too bold?

the boy should kiss the girk 1st to let her know that he loves her

When a girl kiss you what should you do?

Kiss her back

At what age should you kiss a girl?

You can kiss a girl from any age!

When should a girl have here first kiss?

When you Feel like its the right time. :]

Should the boy kiss the girl first?

Yes, the boy should kiss the girl first because it is another way to tell the girl that you trully care about her and is not just trying to get something from her. Most girls expect to be kissed first. This doesn't necessarily mean that it should happen that way; if you are a girl make the first move and surprise him. If you are a boy then maybe you should make the first move.

What to do during the first kiss?

Well if the first kiss is on the first date she is probably not the good girl and if you made the first kiss on the first date she my not like you. But if you had not had you're 1st you stay calm and say nothing after it is over. If he/she did not want to kiss you say sorry after it's over. And by the way the girl should not make the 1st move the guy should. AND BE CALM.

A girl likes you should you wait for her to kiss you first?

well it depends on what type of girl you are most likely no

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