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When should you get braces?

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Once all of your baby teeth have fallen out and grown in!

2011-05-23 20:32:24
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Q: When should you get braces?
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Should I get pink or silver braces?

You should get silver braces :)

Why should you get braces with just a crossbite?

The braces will straighten the crossbite out.

How long after you get spacers do you get your braces?

Like a week after you should get braces.

What colour braces should blondes wear?

well i think you should wear any braces you want but if you realy want help i think blonds should wear silver braces i !!

Is it easier to put on braces if you have gaps?

yes you should get braces for gaps

how long should I keep my wax on my braces?

2 weeks to a month

Should you get pink and blue braces?

Yes! I have pink and blue braces and they ROCK!

If you'v got braces can you get root canel?

if braces should be take care teeth braces not cause root cancel

What color braces should you get if you have brown hair and hazel eyes?

my opinion is blue braces

Should I get red braces?


How do you remove red lipstick on metal braces?

Metal should not stain. You should be able to brush your teeth to remove everything on your braces.

Will braces work?

Well, I have to get braces and my friend had them and his teeth are straight so they should work!! : D

Should a thirteen year old get braces?

i am 11 and i have braces if you r umcofortable with the idea get clar brace it hurt getting metal braces in my oppinian

Can you put braces yourself?

No. An orthodontist who is trained in putting braces on to affectively straighten your teeth should put them on you.

After a labial frenectomy how soon should braces be put on?

You Have a labial frenectomy during the period of wearing braces

When should you change the elastic bands or rubber bands for braces?

Do you need braces when you have rubber bands and if not how do they stay on

Can you chew gum when you have braces?

You should not chew gum when you are wearing braces because it may get stuck on your braces and you could ruin something worth at lot of money.

When should you get braces on?

when your dentist or othordontist has reccomended it to you

Can you put on your own braces?

You should when you are 12

How should you eat steak if you have braces?

You should cut it into small peaces and then you can it then.

Can I get general anesthesia and a rhinoplasty done with dental braces on or do the braces have to come off for the surgery?

You should be able to. I had general anesthesia during oral surgery while I had braces.

How long can you use invisible braces?

Invisible braces should be treated like regular braces. You have to keep them in at all times and only take them off for eating and brushing.

How old should a child be to get braces?

it doesn't matter how old you are but you need to have all of your adult teeth your adult teeth should be strait but if not you should get braces now it could be to late if you wait. !

Can you use crest whitestrips with braces?

yes! But it would not work as good as if there wasn't any braces. they should work.

Should an eight year old have braces?

I got my braces when i was eight, and now my teeth are perfect. The sooner the better.