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When should you get married?

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Well if you have been dating a guy/girl for a long, long time, and you love them very much then, sure get married! Another is when your ready. But a good time is in between the age of 25-35, if you want to have babies, and watch them grow up.

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Should Emily and Lenny get married?

No way! Emily should get married to Brad and Lenny should get married to Sarah.

Should you married a guy who do not do nothing for you married?

you should marry someone because you love them

Is kendall schmidt married?


When did Katie price get married?

Katy married on Friday the 13th she should have married me.

How do you tell your dad you are married?

He should know you're getting married BEFORE you're married. When you tell him you are GOING to get married, you should just go up to him all happy and say, "I'm getting married!"

What is the duration of My Eldest Girl Should Get Married?

The duration of My Eldest Girl Should Get Married is 2700.0 seconds.

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How and where do Romeo and Juliet marry?

Romeo and Juliet get married by arranging when Juliet should send her Nurse to Romeo for the news as to when they should get married. Then, Romeo told the Nurse when they should get married and she told Juliet what he said. Then, they got married in Friar Lawrence's Cell.

When should you marry?

you should get married at 28 or 30

Should your mum get married?

Why not? She should have happiness in her life.

Why should marriage?

Why should what? We should get married to show our love to them and why we love them!

When shouled you get married?

i think you should get married when you are 20-25 or older

How can you get married with no money?

The question should be: Why would you want to get married with no money?

If a married couple is separated should they live together or apart?

If a married couple is separated, then they should always live apart.

What is the duration of Should Married Men Go Home?

The duration of Should Married Men Go Home? is 1200.0 seconds.

Couples should have a joint bank account before they get married.?

Couples should have a joint bank account before they get married.

Should people that get married in a church be christian?

In my mind, they should be, but they do not have to be.

How old do most people get married?

I think people should be 20 when they get married

How to find a girlfriend for a married couple?

Married couples should not include girlfriends.

Is the bishop married?

The bible states that bishops should be married. But the catholic church do not allow their fathers, and bishops to get married.

What should you do if you are married to a narcissist?

Get divorced!

Should people get married?


Who old should you be to get married?


Should you get married at age eighteen?


When should a woman get married?

Of course there's no particular age a woman should get married at, but past studies have shown that men and women that get married at around 24-26 are less likely to get a divorce than if they married at a younger age.