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The basic answer is ... whenever you want to.

The more techical answer is whenever the topic changes. Paragraphs are like little ideas - start a new paragraph when you start a new idea. Notice how I have started a new paragraph here because I changed ideas from "whenever you want to" to "whenever the topic changes."

A paragraph can be as many sentences as it needs to be - however, you usually do not want to make one sentence a paragraph unless it is a line of dialogue. Paragraphs are usually several sentences long because you need the sentences to explain your idea or to make your point.

Here are some examples of when you need a new paragraph:

  • whenever someone speaks, they need their own paragraph
  • whenever you change from one topic to another
  • when the paragraph gets too long - big, bulky blocks of text are boring, so break them up into smaller paragraphs by finding little areas of ideas that can go together
  • when time changes in the story or essay
  • when place changes in the story or essay
  • just to make it dramatic - sometimes a writer will place one or more sentences into their own paragraph just to make them stand out - look back at my first sentence and see how I did exactly that
More from other Wiki Contributors:
  • These are a few standard purposes to make a new paragraph:

    • When you start in on a new topic

    • When you skip to a new time

    • When you skip to a new place

    • When a new person begins to speak

    • When you want to produce a dramatic effect

    • When you begin a new idea or point

    • To contrast information or ideas

    • When your readers need a pause

    • When you are ending your introduction

    • When you are starting your conclusion

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Q: When should you make a new paragraph?
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Should you make a new paragraph when there are quotations?

Yes, and you have to indent too!

What should you do in an essay if you want to start a new topic but not a new paragraph?

Whenever you start a new topic, you must start a new paragraph. Each paragraph should be about one topic.

When you’re writing dialogue , when do you start a new paragraph?

You should start a new paragraph with each new speaker.

Should you indent every paragraph?

Yes indent each new paragraph.

Can two characters talk in the same paragraph?

Usually not--each new speaker should start a new paragraph.

How do you know it's time to start a new paragraph?

You should start a new paragraph with each new topic. Paragraphs should not be longer than a few hundred words.

Should complete paragraphs start a new subject in the last sentence?

No, each paragraph should be about the same subject. If you start a new subject, you need to start a new paragraph also.

Why do you have to underline the beginning a paragraph?

You do not have to underline it. A new paragraph should start on a new line and the first line may be indented, but this is optional.

One should provide a new paragraph for?

each new line of dialouge

What is the sign for the paragraph?

In proofreading, the symbol used to show where a new paragraph should begin looks like: ¶.

Should you indent dialog?

Yes because it is a new paragraph.

Do you put a paragraph for each dialog?

Sort of... when a new person begins speaking, you should start a new line, but not a new paragraph. Hope that helped :D

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