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You sould have your immunity tested before you have the shot. You may be naturally immune as rubella is a very mild disease for children. If you are hoping to get pregnant you should have the shot and not get pregnant for a month afterwards. If you are pregnant, have the shot straight after the birth and don't get pregnant again for a month. Some women have been pregnant and had the shot (by mistake) and their babies have not been affected, but I wouldn't risk it.

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Q: When should you receive the rubella shot?
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Is there a shot for rubella?

Yes, there is a shot for rubella. It is not that comnon to get the shot these days.

How often should horse receive tetanus vaccination?

A horse should receive a tetanus shot every year or if it has acquired a wound after six months of the tetanus shot.

What happens if a woman of childbearing age is found to have no immunity to rubella?

Women without immunity should receive immunization against rubella provided that they avoid pregnancy for a period of three months following immunization.

Where is the measles mumps and rubella shot injected?

Intramuscular (IM) deltoid

Can rubella be prevented?

Vaccination is the best way to prevent rubella and is normally required by law for children entering school. Rubella vaccine is usually given in conjunction with measles and mumps vaccines in a shot referred to as MMR

Should immuno-suppressed children receive live vaccinations?

No they should not. They should receive the killed virus shot, not the nasal spay. Of course always check with your doctor first!

What should children receive to protect them against preventable childhood disease?

Flu shot, Chicken pox shot, TDEP shot(tetanus,diptheria, and another virus)

Does the rubella test result should be positive during pregnancy?

Yes, the rubella test (igg) should be positive during pregnancy, which means that you have taken the vaccination prior. Negative result (igg) doesn't mean that you are infected with rubella, however this means that you doesn't have Rubella antibodies in your blood stream. If your result comes out negative, then you should perform another test for Rubella igm, positive results will confirm your infection with this virus.

What can pregnant women do to avoid rubella or chickenpox?

All non-immune women of childbearing age should be vaccinated against rubella and chickenpox before pregnancy. Pregnant women should be tested for immunity to rubella at their first prenatal visit.

Should rubella vaccination be given every year?

Rubella vaccine requires two doses to be effective. It is not given yearly.

When should a newborn receive their first MMR vaccination?

12 months, unless they're traveling to an area of epidemic, in which case they might get a monovalent measles, mumps or rubella earier.

Does rubella effect a certain ethnic group?

yes by spreading from not gutting a vaccine shot from ever person

How often should you get a tetanus vaccination?

The current recommendation is to receive a tetanus shot every ten years.

Can you give rubella vaccine to positive rubella patient?

Can you give rubella vaccine to positive rubella patient?

What is the effect of not having a rubella injection?

Hmm nothing much if you're not pregnant. It's just that when you're bearing a child for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, if you were to get infected by Rubella, chances of your child having Rubella for life is high. If you had the shot, you wouldn't get affected by Rubella and your future child won't face any problems at all. It's best to go safe :)

When should you consult a doctor about rubella disease?

As soon as possible.

Should continue with pregnancy if rubella is diagnosed?

Rubella is known to cause birth defects when diagnosed in the first trimester, however terminating a pregnancy is a personal decision which should be discussed with your doctor.

Is rubella red?

Rubella is a disease caused by the rubella virus. The name "rubella" is derived from the Latin, meaning "little red."

When does a child receive a measles booster shot?

A repeat injection should be given at about 10 or 11 years of age.

What age should puppies have first shots?

they should get their first shots when they are about 8 weeks old.They should receive another shot when they are about 12-14 weeks old

Where did the newborn receive his shot in The Giver?

When released, the newborns get a shot in a vein in their forehead.

What is rubella caused by?

rubella is caused by a virus.

Is rubella a virus or bacteria?

Rubella is a Virus

Is there a vaccine created to eliminate measles?

Yes, and it's usually grouped with the immunizations for mumps and rubella (German measles) in the MMR shot.

Where does a newborn receive a shot in The Giver?

they killed him