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All fuel filters should be replaced at least every 2 years.


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The 1991 Honda Accord is not equipped with an A/C filter or Cabin Filter.

You don't replace it. It is a permanent filter that will last the life of the fuel pump.

where is fuel filter on a 1987 Honda accord

A = Oil/Filter change 1 = Tire rotation 2 = Replace cabin filter

The transmission filter on a 1999 Honda Accord can be located under the car's hood. More specifically, it is within the transmission itself and is very difficult to replace.

I had my fluids changed in my transmission, and they told me the filter was internal....and they did not replace it!

You don't. It is a permanent filter mounted inside the fuel tank.


The 1997 Honda Accord was not equipped with a cabin air filter.

Changing an air filter on a 2005 Honda Accord requires opening the air box in the engine bay. Remove the clips that hold it shut and open the box. Replace the filter.

How do you replace a radiator on a 1991 Honda Accord

how do you replace the radiator on a 2003 V6 Honda Accord

The 1991 Honda Accord did not come equipped with a cabin filter.

Where is the fuel filter for 1992 Honda accord lx

Heres a vid of where, and how to replace the filter.

A= Replace Engine Oil 1= Rotate Tires 2=Replace Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter, Inspect Drive Belt 3=Replace Transmission Fluid On page 313 of the 2008 Honda Accord Owners Manual

Change all the transmission fluid and replace the filter.

Locate the airbox, remove the clips holding the 2 halves of the airbox and filter in between, remove old filter and replace with new in the same position. It should take about 2-5 minutes.

The cabin filter is located behind the glove box. Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter as it comes with instructions on how to replace it.

There was not a 1999 Honda Accord LXi made. Do you have a 1989 Honda Accord LXi?

you do not service the fuel systems on these cars usually it says n/s in the filter book

The 1994 Honda Accord is not equipped with a cabin filter.

No, it has no cabin filter.

how to install and replace a rack and pinion on Honda accord 1994 lx

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