When should you separate your male hamster from the pregnant female?


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Once you see that the pregnant female is larger you should separate the male from the female

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yes all male hamsters eat their babies when your female hamster is pregnant you should separate the male from the mother and the babies or he will eat them and kill the mother !

I'm not so sure myself, but I think you have to remove the male hamster immediately after the pups are born. Again I'm not so sure. I believe you should whethere you need to or not because, the female will need space. ~Ivy~

After the female becomes pregnant, she will become very aggressive toward the male. At that point you should separate them. If you do not, the male is going to be severely abused by the female.

The hamster, having more mass than a regular hamster, is ripe for the harvest. Eat it.

Well if the male hamster try to "do it" with the female they will probaly get in a fight and you should really separate them but if the female does let the male on her she will probaly get pregnent and that is totally natural.

If the female hamster is pregnant or carrying you should always remove the male from the female's cage. This is a very hard time for the female and she might attack the male. It will not be a pretty site. You only need to separate them for a couple of weeks. But just as a reminder if you didn't know, be quite around the female's cage because if she hears a loud sound she will try to protect her baby's by eating them. Sorry, but it's true.

No. No, I would not recommend that you should keep the male and pregnant female robo hamster together. Because male hamsters can eat or kill the baby hamsters after they are born.

Female hamster sometimes eat their young too. This is happens sometimes, if you want you can separate the baby from its parents and care for it in a special way (can be found in a book or you can Google it). The male hamster shouldn't be with the babies either way. The male should only be with a female if they are to breed. If you want the cannibalism to stop, separate the male from the children.

You can tell if your hamster is pregnant because, you should see a bump on his/hers stomach

It is always best to separate the male hamster when a female gives birth. Baby hamsters are born pink and blind. At approximately 3 weeks of age, separation of males and females is recommended.

well if you are interested in breeding hamsters. I herd that you should leave a boy hamster in the cage with the girl hamster for 2 week then take him out then she should have them in 30 days or less. :)

Sometimes this is only necessary to protect the pregnant sheep from harm from the male. Bucks and does should NEVER be kept together.

You should get a hamster of the opposite sex and put it in the cage with your current hamster.

yes! definitely. if you put a male and a female hamster in the same cage, you should keep a close watch on them to make sure the female hamster doesn't attack the male hamster.

The male should be removed once the female is pregnant, long before the birth of the litter.

No, you should never hold a pregnant hamster

syrian hamsters should only get pregnant 3 times in their life. 4 at most. any more and the hamster may die of stress.

Yes; you should so the male wont be bothering the female and making her depress .If she is really close to birth and she is depress she might kill her babies.

Yes. When my hamster was pregnant, we put the male in another cage. We didn't want him eating any. (they do that when something is wrong with them) And let them grow up with the mother until they are able to handle themselves. I kept the little ones with the mother. Do not be surprised if one is eaten though, it is likely to happen. One of mine was eaten because she was too small and was not growing.

definitely yes because the females pups will be in danger

You should separate the buck right after the mate. This is because the buck will want to re-mate with the doe. Also make sure the buck is far away from the kits!

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