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When should you start wearing a jock strap?

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2016-10-06 10:57:42

I have encouraged my boys to wear them for comfort,

breathability, and character starting around 8-10 years old. Most

middle school boys harass boys in the locker room who do not wear

boxers or boxer briefs. My 10 and 13 year old were no exception,

but they actually took pride in being obstinate by not just going

along with the crowd. For a little while they were embarassed, for

the other kids told the girls. They got over it by being very

forward with it. I think that wearing them through formative years

builds character.

It is pretty difficult to find a boys size in the store. Walmart

carries Franklin, but the pouch is way too small and tight. I did

not buy one of these for my sons, for then they would dislike all

jocks. Bike and Duke jocks are the most comfortable by far. No

cups. Cups are terribly uncomfortable. Go to They

have them in 2 packs and by the dozen. Get a size up and make sure

they have several to wear. Mine have about 20 boxers and briefs

plus about 14 jocks each to wear throughout the week for xc,

wrestling, track, and soccer. Our kids are involved in a bunch of

sports so jocks are regular and ordinary underwear. So long as they

are wearing a SIZE UP, then they will prefer them under a pair of

shorts or compression shorts.

At a minimum, a boy should start wearing a jockstrap once they

begin puberty, since their genitals will be growing and need more

support. But boys should wear a jock and cup any time they play a

sport where they might get hit, regardless of age.

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