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You should continue taking the pill as scheduled regardless of any bleeding.


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you stopped taking your birth control pills

Yes take a pill once every day at the same time. Even if your period starts before you get to the end of the pill pack. This is normal. Do not stop taking your pills or you could get pregnant.

Yes, stopping them has the same effect as taking the pills that usually promp your body to start the period.

You should not be pregnant when you start taking the pills as you start taking them within a week of the start of your period and if you have a period you are 99.5% sure you are not pregnant. However if you are pregnant the pills will have no effect.

Yes continue taking your pills as normal. If this happens again perform a pregnancy test and see your DR about changing your BC pills.

Keep taking your pills all in order-do not skip any active pills...did you miss any pills -sometimes that can cause you to start your period early...also-maybe put a call in to your doc- if you didn't miss any pills,you shouldn't start your period while still taking active pills

Yes, if these green pills represent the placebo/sugar pills, then your period will start during the time you are taking the green pills. If you do not get a period during this week, you should consult with your physician. You may need to take a pregnancy test.

If you are taking a birth control pill with active and inactive pills, you should begin having your period while you are taking the inactive pills - usually 2-3 days into them. If you are taking seasonale, you will have 4 periods per year.

If you want to change your pill date, you should start the next pack early, but should not skip active pills. Instead, you should skip placebo pills.

No. You will be fine. Forgetting several days will result in starting your period early.

keep taking your active pills, your cycle will balance itself out after a few months of being on bc pills

you should get your period during the last week of pills. the ones that are just placebos.

Right on the first day. It will take a month before the pills will be effective.

Your period usually comes during the placebo pills week(sugar pills).

No, you should continue taking the birth control pill as scheduled, regardless of any bleeding.

Hi, Your question is: Should my period start the first day after I am through the hormone pills in a birth control pack?Not necessarily no. Your period will arrive anytime during the 7 days when your on the placebo pills or not taking any pills.

Yes, taking three birth control pills or taking the morning after pill can cause a missed period.

Continue taking your pills until you reach your non-hormone week. Do not stop taking them if your period started early! Start taking the next month on time. You probably started break through bleeding. If you are new to the pill, this should stop after a few months once your body adjusts.

If you skip the last week (sugar pills) and go straight to a new pack of pills you should skip your period. I did this once on vacation and haven't had any problems since!

Different birth control pills have different colors, and so the "yellow pills" in one pack are a typical time for a period, but in another brand or not.

There is no guarantee that taking two birth control pills in a day will stop your period sooner. Generally speaking the only time you should take two of these pills in one day is if you forgot to take a pill the day before. Taking two pills on the same day may have no effect on your period but will reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

Starting a pack of birth control pills a day early does not increase the risk of pregnancy; in fact, it may decrease the risk. Continue taking your pills as normal. Your period will just arrive a day early that's all.

Yes, you continue taking them as scheduled, regardless of any bleeding.

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