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You can trim a boxwood any time if you want to keep it tight, do not clip it in late Autumn or frost may affect young growth.

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When should I trim a linden tree?

During the Winter.

Are you supposed to trim a yew tree?

You don't trim a yew tree on Runescape.

When should I trim a tamarack tree?

you should probably start trimming your trees around winter

Can I prune a neighbors tree branches if they are hanging in my yard?

If possible, you should request that your neighbor trim the branches. If you trim them and somehow the tree coincidentally dies, there would be further problems.

When should you trim your trees?

The best time to trim a tree is when it is dormant. The fall or winter is a good time to improve the health of your tree by trimming away dead growth and branches.

What is it called when you trim a royal palm tree?

How do you call it when you trim a royal palm tree

How much should you charge to trim a tree?

it depends on the size of the tree if its a HUGE tree then charge more but if its a smaller one charge less

When can you trim your pepper tree?

you trim it every day

Can you trim bing cherry while in fruit?

Of course you can. Assuming you have the proper tools, you can (i.e., it is physically possible to) trim any tree at any time. The question you should be asking is, "Will it harm my bing cherry tree if I trim it while it's in fruit?".

How do you trim a Bonsai tree?

You don't trim the branches or leaves, you trim the roots on the top of the dirt.

How do you trim the bonsai tree on poptropica?

You have to match the picture on the tree

When and how do you trim a plumeria bush or tree?

Trim in in the spring before the leaves come out.

What is the silvery trim that goes on the Christmas tree?

Tinsel the silvery trim is tinsel.

When do you trim a eucalyptus tree?

in the Summer

Can you trim a yew tree?


Why do you trim trees?

you would trim the lower branches of a tree so you can walk under it. you would trim a tree so the branches stay off the roof and out of the guttersyou would trim a tree so it's branches don't rub against power lines---you would trim a tree so sunshine would flow into your garden and every bodys favorite you trim your Christmas tree so a spirit of love and joy spreads out to every body who enters your house during the Holy days ahead

What time of year can you trim a lilac tree?

You can trim the tree when the bloom is over and before it sheds its leaves. In the spring, the best time is after the last frost. Water and feed the tree.

When do you trim oak tree branches?

The best time to trim any tree is when it is dormant. In the winter or before the new buds for leaves have formed.

How do you trim a cedar spiral tree?

To trim a cedar spiral tree, you need to start with a cone shape. Then you can make a form out of chicken wire and place it over tree. You can then trim anything sticking out of the chicken wire form. You can do any shape this way.

When do you trim a poplar tree?

When it needs trimming.

Do you trim a magnolia tree after the flowers bloom?


Does it harm to trim a poplar tree?

yes it does

When is the best time to trim a Mimosa tree in southern Indiana?

You can trim the mimosa tree in the spring or fall. They are extremely hardy and take well to pruning.

What time of year do you trim a fig tree?

In winter, while the tree is dormant.

Can a neighbor trim anothers tree without permission?

In most countries, you should not (without permission) trespass onto your neighbor's property to cut the tree, however it is quite in order to trim any part of a tree that overhangs the boundary of your property (up to the boundary only). It is also important that you return all the wood that is cut off to your neighbors property (it is his tree).