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When slowing to a stop what would cause the voltage gauge to drop the dash lights dim the heater fan slow down and the eng rpm slow down for only 1 second then all functions return to normal?


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bad voltage krunkbobulator


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Lights dim when there is a voltage sag or brownout. A voltage sag can happen when a large appliance such as a large motor or heater comes on. The large current draw causes the supply voltage to drop slightly causing light bulbs to dim since they're operating @ a lower than rated voltage.

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They warn the drivers behind you that you are slowing down

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tail lights are used to show drivers behind you that you are either slowing down, backing up, or turning right or left

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Radio memory, interior lights, memory seat functions,Radio memory, interior lights, memory seat functions,

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The types of construction lights that are available are high voltage beam light and a low voltage beam light. The high voltage beam light shines a lot brighter.

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