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When soap is added to water, water is the solvent

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What is the solvent in soap solution?

Water is the solvent and soap is the solute.

What is the solute and solvent of soapy water?

Water is the solvent because there is more of it. Soap is the solute because it is being dissolved in the solvent.

What is the solvent and the solutes of soap?

the slovent and solutes of is is well the soluvent would be soap and the solute would be water

Is hand soap a solution?

Hand soap is a solution. A solution is any substance made up of a solute and solvent combined together. The solute is various chemicals (originally lipids, now surfactants) in a solvent base of water and miscible liquids.

What water produces more lather when soap is added?

Water is a universal solvent and is of two types soft and hard water. Water that produces more lather when soap is added is Soft Water.

What are the methods of lowering of vapour pressure?

When a solute is added to a solvent, the vapor pressure of the solvent (above the resulting solution) is lower than the vapor pressure above the pure solvent. if the solution is non volatile like water, you can add something like Table salt (NaCl) or Soap (sodium stearate) as a solute. if the solution is volatile like xenon, you can add something like krypton as a solute. regards

What cleaning solution is a solvent?

one that isnt a soap or detergent water is a solvent for many things but not oils or waxes kerosine is a solvent for oils or waxes but not water a soap will let polar substances dissolve in water

Why does a needle sink in water after soap is added to the water?

Water has surface tension which allows the needle to float on it. When soap is added, the surface tension of the water is reduced.

What happens when soap is added to water?

the water will change color causing the soap to melt.

How do you separate soap from water?

calcium carbonate can be added to soap water. caco3 reacts with soap and forms calcium sterate which can be filter from water.

How does soap change water?

It breaks down the surface tension which improves the property of water as a solvent

What is the solute of soap?

The solute of soup is one direction

How can soap dissolve?

Soap dissolves (as a solute) in water by connecting its salt lattices to water molecules. The soap (in solution) still has the ability to also dissolve in oil. This allows the soap and oil to be washed away with the water, although ordinarily the oil and water would not intermix.

What happen when distilled water added to soap?

fully distilled water has no hardness therefore the soap will not lather

Is baking soap a solution?

Yes, when water is added.

Can you use soap and water for golf grip solvent?

No. The solvent is used to remove the old double faced tape; then to allow the new grip to slide onto the new double faced tape. ANOTHER POSSIBILITY If you're using water activated grip tape then the proper solvent to use is water with just a little shampoo added. Otherwise, the use specialized grip tape solvent, or maybe mineral spirits.

Explain why soaps can be effective in hard water if relatively large quantities of soap are added to water?

A soap is an organic molecule that has a polar/hydrophilic end and a nonpolar/hydrophobic end. The polar end typically has a hydroxyl functional group, which acts like a weak acid in water. Hard water is water that has a relatively large solute load, typically calcium, magnesium and other metals. When you add a soap to hard water, the metal ions in the water attach themselves to the polar end and you get a precipitate of the salt form of the soap. This inactivates the soap. However, if you add enough soap, you will effectively "soften" the water by pulling enough metal ions out of solution to still have active soap molecules in the water.

What is the Best solvent to clean drivetrain assemblies?

If you are working on an assembled car, Soap. If you have the car disassembled, varsol solvent followed by soap.

What type of water is soft water?

Water is a universal solvent and there are two types of water i.e hard water and soft water. Soft water is the water that easily lather with soap.

How do you do soft water from hard water?

Water is a universal solvent and there are two types of water i.e hard water and soft water. Soft water is the water that easily lather with soap while hard water does not lather with soap and is also of two type i.e temporary and permanent.

What happens with water and chloroform and soap solution combined?

Water is a polar solvent while chloroform is a non-polar solvent. There is a popular aphorism used for predicting solubility which is "like dissolves like". Water and chloroform have different solubility. Therefore, chloroform is insoluble in water and will just form a layer when mixed. But in the presence of soap solution, they can mix together. Soap serves as an emulsifying agent that will reduce the surface tension of the solution.

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