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Scales either measure mass, or weight - but they are callibrated to show mass (for example, kilograms).

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It is a measure of mass.

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Q: When standing on bathroom scale are you measure in mass or density?
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What equipment can measure force?

A bathroom scale can.

What is the amount of gravity on the human body?

You can measure the amount of gravitational force being exerted on your body by standing on a bathroom scale and weighing yourself.

InStruments used to measure in your home?

Kitchen scale and bathroom scale.

What is the piece of equipment used to measure forces?

A bathroom scale can do that.

Piece of equipment used to measure forces?

A bathroom scale can.

Can gravity be measure?

Yes, if one knows how to operate a bathroom scale.

What to use to measure graviational pull on the mass of an object?

a bathroom scale

What equipment do you use to measure weight?

I typically use a bathroom scale.

What do you use to measure forces?

You can use a bathroom scale, a pan balance, a dynamometer, a postage scale, etc.

Why are objects Weightless in freefall?

Weight is a measure of the "downward" force an object exerts on the earth. So if an object is in freefall, it does not exert "downward" force. Think of it like standing on your bathroom scale. If you are not falling, you have a weight, ie. there is pressure exerted down on the scale. If you are freefalling and standing on your scale, the scale will read 0, ie you are not putting pressure on the scale. Just don't get confused between weight and mass

Do bathroom scales measure mass or force?

A bathroom scale measures the force of the mutual gravitational attraction betweenyou and the earth.

What do you use to measure pounds?

I use a scale, my kitchen scale if less than 10 pounds, bathroom scale if over 10 pounds

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