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Q: When the Greek tried many forms of government before they created a democracy How did these various form of government differ?
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The greeks tried many forms of government before they created a democracy how did these various forms of government differ?

The citizens were involved in decision-making in assembly. In monarchy, oligarchy and tyranny, decisions were made by the upper class.

What was the government of Hawaii before it was a democracy?


Where did the limited democracy began?

Limited democracy is the most popular form of government in the world. Various forms of limited democracy include representative democracy (republic) or constitutional monarchy.Full, or direct, democracy was created before limited democracy. Direct democracy was one of the various forms of government present in Ancient Greece, but eventually faded from usage. Direct democracy is when the citizens vote on everything. Democracy was revived by the Roman Republic, where they used limited democracy instead of direct democracy. Here, instead of citizens making the decisions themselves, they elect representatives to make decisions for them. Eventually, the Roman Republic turned into the Roman Empire, where there was an emperor and authoritarian government. Democracy did not appear until the Age of Enlightenment, where political philosophers created new forms of government, most reflecting limited democracy. The first country to become a limited democracy as a whole was Great Britain. Great Britain had transformed from a monarchy into a limited, or constitutional, monarchy, in which it had added a parliament. The first country to become a republic, taking ideas from the Romans and setting the stage for what would become the world's most popular system of government, was the United States.

What was Greece's government system before democracy?


How were elections decided before democracy?

If they were held, the vote was brought to the highest government officials.

What government did Delos have?

Delos became a democracy in mid-400 B.C.E. Before it was a tyranny.

Did France invent democracy?

No. France is a long-standing democracy, but long before the French revolution, the Greeks had used democratic forms of government. The word democracy itself is Greek.

What makes a democracy different from other kinds of government-?

Indirect Democracy- A democracy is governed by elected leaders voted for by its citizens. _____________ I do not know why you would delete my answer. The answer above is only one of the two forms of democracy which are direct and indirect. The answer above is a form of indirect democracy. The answer I posted before is an example of direct democracy. Direct democracy- A government where the citicens vote directly on every problem or change.

What was Frances government like before world war 1?

it was basically just a parliamentary democracy

What it a democracy?

Democracy is a political government, carried out by a) directly by the peole, or b) by a representitive of the people. 2 Importan features of democracy: 1) Equality before the law 2) Freedom and rights are protected by court

What was the difference before the French revolution and after the French revolution?

The main difference was that the government was changed from a monarchy to a democracy.

What were two ways Athens was ruled before democracy?

Before, Athenian democracy was put into place, it was ruled by the Tyrant's in a Tyrannical government. Okay guys, my answer might not be the best but, it got me an A on my paper! I hope this answer helps you! If not, I'm sorry!!