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probably never as sikkim has always degraded in its performance year to year.and the top officials and some coaches are hungry for money as if they have never seen it.corruption and bias is the main cause of its such performance

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What is the 12th episode of dickfigures?

The 12th episode of dickfgures is "Camp Anarchy." It's about red and blue going back to camp to be camp counsillers.

Is there going to be Camp Rock 2?

Yes there is going to be another camp rock. it'll have Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers

When is there going to be a camp rock 3?

No there isn't going to be another camp rock because in the last one they got cancled so no there isn't going to be another.

What was the letter to Margot frank from the labor camp?

About going to concentration camp to be killed.

Are they going to make a camp rock 2?

Yes they are going to make a Camp Rock 2 its called Camp Rock 2: Final Jam and it's coming in summer of 2010!

Is there going 2 be an adventure camp 3?

Yes!!!! There will be an Adventure Camp 3. If you want to get in now's your big chance to get in!!!! I'm 13 and I will be going [or hope] to Adventure Camp. See ya there!!!!

When is camp rock going to come out?

Camp Rock came out and Camp Rock 2 came out on 9/3/10.

What is camp rock 2 going to be called?

Camp Rock 2: the Final Jam

Is there going to be a Camp Rock 2?

Yes, there will be a camp rock 2. it will be coming out in 2010.

Is there going to be another your camp rock?

I have no clue Hope not though, I HATE Camp Rock

Was camp rock filmed in camp wanakita?

Yup! it was! Im going there on the 17 too!

What does it mean to dream of going to camp?

Going to camp is a means of escaping everyday life and enjoying the pleasures of nature for a short while. So dreaming of going to camp expresses your longing for such an escape. In other words, you probably are overdue for a vacation.

Who is going to win in camp rock 2 camp star or camp rock?

probabily camp rock, because that's just how most movies work.

Who is going to be in camp rock 2?

who's is all going to be in camprock2?

What is camp rock 3 going to be about?

If there is one, it will probably be about camp star coming to camp rock. This may not be true, I am just guessing

When is the premiere of Camp Rock?

When you think it is going to be!!!!!!

Will there be a camp rock three?

I have heard there was going to be.

Is joe going to kiss demi in camp rock2?

They possibly are,since they didn't in Camp Rock.

Is there going to be a Camp Rock 4?

you should be asking if there is going to be a camp rock 3 first LOL and i bet the producers dont even know yet.

Is there going to be a 2nd Camp Rock?

Yes. It's called "Camp Rock 2! The Final Jam)

Who created the dachau concentration camp?

Hitler designed Dachau concentration camp but it was the people who was going to be in it who built it.

Why are Percy and annabeth concerned about the camp?

they r concerned about camp because the camp borders are going down because someone poisoned Thalia's tree

Is there going to be any Smitchie --Shane and Mitchie-- in Camp Rock 2?

there isn't and there won't be a camp rock 2. Answer 2 by Terrier23: There isn't going to be a Smitchie, and Camp Rock 2 is coming out in 2010. It's called Camp Rock 2: Final Jam

Will there be a Camp Rock 4?

They do not know yet because Camp Rock 2 was filmed in the summer, and Camp Rock 3 is going to be shot in the summer of 2012.

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