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External Replacement

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Q: When the cash surrender value of a life insurance policy is used to purchase a policy marketed by another insurer is?
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If you are taken off your insurance policy do you have to surrender your license?

no because you will get another insurance

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Can one person own the home and another purchase the homeowner's insurance?

If you mean can you pay for the other persons ( the owners ) insurance policy yes. If you mean can you insure it for yourself no.

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No, in the state of Mass where i am from, the insurance is covered for your car only. It will not follow you if you choose to drive another vehicle. You may want to check the state your are in if this is different, as they may have a different type of policy you can purchase that will cover you. With my experience, the only insurance you have is your health insurance if you are driving another persons vehicle.

What happens if you get into a fender bender accident without insurance in the state of California?

You can lose your license if you were at fault. If you were not at fault you would be required to purchase insurace with the SR-55 form. This means you will pay higher insurance and will have to do so for three years. (The rules may have changed over the years.) After you have had 3 years of no accidents and no lapses in insurance then you would get another form from the DMV and you could purchase a lower cost policy. In California you can purchase liablity only insurance.

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