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If it's an older mechanical thermostat, no, you're not using ANY energy if the AC compressor and fan are not on. The newer, electronic thermostats use such an incredibly small amout of energy that it's not worth mentioning, but you also can't say it isn't using ANY.

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Q: When the central air conditioning unit is on but not running for hours at a time is it still using energy and should it be shut off?
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Central air conditioning may not always be the most practical choice for every home or office. There are some cases, however, when using a central air conditioner is vital to the health of everyone who lives or works in a home or building. The Length of the Hottest Season The biggest consideration for whether or not central air conditioning is the best answer is how long the hot season is in your location. Some areas have a very short hot season that only lasts a couple of weeks. The expense of installing and maintaining central air conditioning may not be worth it if you only use the system once or twice a year. If your hot season lasts for months, though, the use of central air conditioning may feel like more of a necessity than a convenience. The Size of the Building Building size also makes a difference when you consider central air conditioning. If your home or office is relatively small, you may be able to make due with a window air conditioner or a portable air conditioner. If there are more than four or five rooms, central air conditioning may be the best answer. With a central air system you can be sure that every room is cooled equally. When you use other air conditioning systems, their cooling effects can only be felt in the room that they are housed in. If you have a building with a large central room, portable or window air conditioners may not have the power to fill the space the way that central air conditioning could. The Health of the Occupants Central air conditioning is the best type to use if you are trying to keep older or younger people comfortable through the heat of the summer. Any building that houses senior citizens or young children should consider the benefits of central air conditioning to keep their inhabitants safe from the damaging effects of heat. People who are old, young, or in ill health are particularly susceptible to heat. Portable and window air conditioners may work for the short term, but central air conditioning will provide a more even distribution of the cool air.