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Repeats the experiment for validity

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Q: When the experiment is complete what does the researcher do?
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What difference between an observational study and an experiment?

in an experiment, the researcher manipulates a variable

What is the primary difference between an experiment and observational study?

In an experiment, the researcher manipulates a variable.

What is the difference between factor and treatment in a experiment?

treatment is a factor in which a researcher will apply to an experimental unit and collect the data from the same. factor is a material used by researcher in an experiment in the field .

What variable did the researcher change during this experiment?

Control Variable

One of the hardest task for researcher?

stating the problem and then designing the experiment.

Which variable does the researcher intentionally change in a scientific experiment?

The one she is testing.

Why is control setup necessary in an experiment?

Without controlled setup in an experiment. How can the researcher know his data is comparable for study?

What is the variable being changed by the researcher when designing an experiment?

The manipulated variable I think.

What is the name of the person who conducts experiment?

scientist doctor physicist researcher experimenter

Does an observational study or a designed experiment allow the researcher to claim causation between and explanatory variable and a response variable?

designed experiment

When a researcher cannot tell which variable might be causing an observed effect in an experiment the variables are?


When a researcher wants to determine whether a variable is simply correlated with another variable he or she conducts a(n) .?