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Of course the objects mass will not change. Since there is no gravity in space(moon), only the objects weight will change.No matter where the object the mass will stay the same!

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Q: When the object's weight changes with gravity does the mass stays the same?
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What stays the same when weight changes with gravity?

In truth NOTHING will change about whatever is happening in the situation because all it is is no gravity. gravity is what gives you the weight and that is why we have a certain weight.

Would mass increae on the moon?

Mass stays the same everywhere, it is the weight that changes because of the gravity force

How does gravity affect objects through gas?

air stays around the earth because of gravity

How does gravity affect the weight of matter?

It's a very direct relationship; weight is caused by gravity. weight = mass x gravity Therefor, if gravity goes up and mass stays constant weight, goes up. And the reverse is true if gravity goes down and mass stays constant, weight goes down.

What stays the same everywhere mass or weight?

Mass does since it is the amount of matter in an object and it is the same everywhere. Weight is the amount of gravity force on the object, so it changes on a different planet.

How come weight varies but your mass stays the same?

your weight can change because of gravity but your mass has nothing to do with gravity it is the amount of matter that is in or makes up an object, just picture this you have a empty folder, it has mass and weight, then you put something in it the weight changes but the mass, or amount of matter that makes up the folder, has not changed

What changes with location mass or weight?

weight.. Mass always stays the same

If mass stays the same and distance increases then the force of gravity between the two objects do what?

The force of gravity between the two objects will grow smaller and smaller, but will never entirely disappear.

How does a barn stay on the ground Is it just the weight?

Because of Gravity the barn stays on the ground

How are weight and mass similar?

Weight is how gravity is affecting the mass of an object. While mass stays the same no matter where it is, the weight of an object changes depending on how strong the gravity is where the object is. For example, you weigh less on the moon than you do on earth because earth is much bigger than the moon is, therefore the more gravity it has. :-D :O ;)

Does your weight stay the same no matter where you go like the moon?

no, your weight changes. your mass stays the same

What force changes when a sky diver's parachute opens?

The force that changes is air resistance and the force that stay the same is gravity.