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yes! it does! the more the penis gets deeper the more the vagina gets bigger!


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Blood enters the chambers in the penis causing it to stretch and grow bigger in readiness for sexual intercourse. The penis needs to be hard and erect to enter the vagina.

When the penis enters the vagina the vagina opens (streachs), The vagina will streach enough for any size on penis,

No The vagina adjusts usually itself to the size of the penis.

In sex it is where a penis enters the vagina or anuspenetration is when a man inserts his penis inside a womans vagina.

The vagina tightens up when the penis of a man enters the vaginal area. When the sperm from the man's penis enters the woman's vagina, the sperm and the egg become one, and soon produce a baby.

To have a pregnancy, the penis enters the vagina. There must also be an ejaculation.

Any position in which the penis enters the vagina.

when penis enters into vagina, it enters it real deep inside, not unless the vagina size is short then pain occurs and might able to stretch the size of vagina little bit more.

Generally, it would go on on the penis to make it more comfortable for the woman when the penis enters the vagina. You could put it on both, though.

It is sex when the penis enters the vagina - this is penetration. Full sex is when the penis ejaculates.

Well a dude puts his penis in a gurls vagina and sperm goes from his penis throught the vagina and enters the womans eggand thats how you get pregnant

as long as the penis enters the vagina.. it doesn't matter what you wear.

You can only get pregnant if the sperm from his penis reaches the inside of your vagina. Sperm left on his penis can't make you pregnant unless he enters your vagina.

They have sexual contact where the penis enters the vagina and sends out semen and sperm

The depth of penetration is limited only by the wishes of your sexual partner and the size of her vagina.

Sexual Intercourse, when the penis enters the vagina and ejaculates.

sex is when the penis of a male, enters the vagina of a can also mean gender.

No. The vagina is soft and not hard. Your penis is supposed to have a foreskin so nothing will get hurt.

depends on how big the vagina is for the tampon

They make noises when the penis enters the vagina. It is normal. They do it because it feels so good. They can't take control of making noises when having sex. Sometimes they make noises because the air enters the vagina with the mans penis.

The vagina is where the penis goes, the vagina is the tunnel from the vulva. People mix the vulva and vagina around. The vulva is what people call the 'vagina' or girl's private part. It depends upon what the girl wants you to do. She may want fellatio, anal, or straight sex. Straight sex is where the penis enters the vagina or birth canal.

You can get pregnant if sperm gets into your vagina. Anytime a penis enters your vagina, you can get some sperm in it. It does not matter how you move while having sex.

it looks like a building's corridor which is divided in to rooms.

'Penetrate' means the man's penis enters, as in enters the vagina. Example: penetrative sex means sexual intercourse, which is different from sex play without penis - vagina intercourse. I find 'insert' to be better word because 'penetrate' sounds harsh and coercive.

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