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On July 4,1863, when the Confederate Army under General Pemberton capitulated.

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Who won the Battle at Vicksberg?

The Union Army of Tennessee led by General Grant won the Battle of Vicksburg.

Who won the Battle of Vicksburg north or south?

North - a Union army under Grant.

Did the Union win the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Union won the Battle of Vicksburg, led by General Ulysses S. Grant

Who won the battle with Vicksburg?

U.S. Grant's Union army. The Confederates under John C. Pemberton surrendered.

How did the union win the battle of Vicksburg?

The union won the battle of Vicksburg by surrounding the city and leaving them with no supplies left and the confederates had to surrender.

What are some quotes about the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Battle of Vicksburg was won by the Union Army during the American Civil War. A famous quote from President Abraham Lincoln is: "Vicksburg is the key. The war can never be brought to a close until the key is in our pocketâ??.

Who won the battle of vickburg?

The Union won the Battle of Vicksburg against the Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War.

Why did the Union win the Battle of Vicksburg in 1863?

The Union won the Battle of Vicksburg by laying siege to the city. This caused the Confederate forces to stay split instead of uniting.

Who won at the battle of the wilderness?

grant won the battle, the union army

What did the union win for the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Union won complete control of the Mississippi River Valley.

What were the highlights of the Battle of Vicksburg?

the union won control over the Mississippi river.

What side won the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Union, under U.S. Grant - helped by Sherman, whom he would later reward with promotion to army commander.

Who won the battle at Vicksburg?

Ulysses S. Grant won the siege of Vicksburg. If you mean which side, it was the Union, aka the United States, aka the North.

Who won the battle of Vicksburg?

Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton surrendered the Vicksburg fortress after more than six painful weeks of fighting and starvation. The Union won The siege of Vicksburg.

Battle description of the battle at Vicksburg?

The Battle of Vicksburg was a major turning point in the war. It was over control of the Mississippi River, for the Confederate (the south) states had it and the Union (the north) wanted it because it would be a major trade route. After the south blockaded it, the Union went in (using TN's army) with intentions to fight. With about 10,000+ casualties, the Union won and literally divided the south in two.

In the civil warwho won the battle of bull runthe union or the confederate army?

The Battle of Bull Run was won by the Confederate Army.

Who won the Battle of Vicksburg and why was it important?

It was important because it opened up the missisippi river for the union

What happened in 1863 civil war?

The battle of Gettysburg was fought and won by the Union, the battle of Vicksburg ended on July 4th,

Who won the Gettysburg battle?

The Union Army won and this battle marked a major turning point in the War.

What were the two victories that the union army won?

My Dad's uncle's uncles fought in the war and he said they said they won Vicksburg and Gettysburg

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