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Q: When thermal energy is released water turns to this state of matter?
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What is absorbed or released when matter changes from one state to another?

yes. Matter can change state when thermal energy is absorbed or released.

How can a liquid expand without changing state?

A liquid can expand when thermal energy is absorbed which is known as thermal expansion, but the thermal energy is not enough to change the liquid's state. When there is enough thermal energy, the liquid may change to a gas if the particles move fast enough to escape the liquid or it may change to a solid if the thermal energy is released from the matter.

What heppens to matter when you add thermal energy?

When you add thermal energy to matter, either the temperature will increase, or there will be a change in the state (phase) of matter, for example when ice melts.

In which state of matter would a substance have the least thermal energy?

The solid state.

When a balloon heats up and expands is it thermal energy?

When any state of matter is heated it expands.

How can removing thermal energy affect the state of matter?

cause you are also changing other types of energy?

What state of matter to particles have the most thermal energy?

Plasma's are the most energetic states we have discovered but the answer you are probably looking for is when the matter is in a gaseous state, that is when the atoms have dissociated from each other almost completely. But in plasma the particles that make up an atom have dissociated.

What is the relationship between thermal energy and intermolecular forces in each state of matter?

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How does energy help to change the state of matter?

Heat (thermal energy) is the major reason for state change in matter. (Although ambient pressure modifies that at the liquid/vapor boundary.) Basically as energy increases matter moves from solid to liquid to gas to plasma.

How are states of matter and changes in energy related?

When thermal energy is added or removed, the state of matter changes to another eg. solid becomes liquid and liquid becomes gas.

Can the state of matter change when you add or take away energy?

Yes, particularly if you add thermal energy. At its least energetic, matter is in the solid state. Add some more energy, it transitions to the liquid state. Then more and it's a gas. Finally, at its most energetic, it is in the plasma state.

Can change from one state to another?

Matter I think I'm not 100% shure but it say in my book matter in one state often can change to another state by adding or removing thermal energy